KillDisk Desktop – Data killing at its best

Posted: October 27, 2016 in Antivirus and Security Software

KillDisk DesktopKillDisk Desktop is loaded with an impressive set of features skyrocketing the process of wiping out data and covering the broadest scope of data erasure demands.

A symbiosis of reliability and smooth performance under the guise of truly affordable price, KillDisk Desktop breaks into the niche of budget solutions and takes the leadership positions from the very start. The system works with numerous international disk sanitation requirements, supporting US DoD, HIPAA, and a good number of other approaches and technologies.

Enjoy a wealth of features running in fully-automatic mode – with KillDisk Desktop the process of data erasure becomes way easier than you can imagine.

Erasure multitasking in action

The system allows you to wipe out data from up to 5 drives simultaneously in a pre-configured automatic mode, activated optionally as soon as you mount in your HDD.

KillDisk Desktop - 5 drives


Data deletion perfectionism

Once you’ve pulled the trigger, there’s no way back – as soon as the erasure is complete, there would be no single chance to recover it. Consider it gone once and for all. Wiping out reliability guaranteed by dozens of supported sanitation standards.

HDD Health monitoring

It’s OK for HDDs to go out of order, but it’s not when it happens out of the blue. To prevent the worst case scenarios as well as be aware of the upcoming problems, you can always make use of SMART monitor and HEX viewer, as well as launch bad sectors scan. Forewarned is forearmed.

Issue certificates & generate reports

You can now configure issuing certificates in a few clicks (plus you can share the certificates online – several options are available out of the box). Need to generate a report? That’s a minute deal with KillDisk Desktop. You can even upgrade your order with a laser printer configured to jump into action right away.

The bells and whistles

Choosing the full package guarantees the most complete KillDisk experience, enabling you to erase the data instantly, monitor the status on LCD panel and control the process via more than just straightforward button panel. You may need to have an extra level of customizability. Connect a monitor to your device and get what you need – a nicely laid-out, totally user-friendly interface that helps you cope with your routine in a more convenient way.

KillDesk leaves the competition far behind with the synergy of its core features, such as:

– Simultaneous data erasure on up to 5 drives (including HDDs, SSDs and externally connected devices);
– The quality of data erasure leaves nothing to be desired (backed by a long list of supported sanitation standards approved across the globe);
– Supporting the external drives (USBs, external hard drives, and etc.);
– Quick and easy performance and health monitoring;
– Processing the complete array of core features in an automatic mode;
– Hot-swap technology allows you to kick off data erasure as soon as you have;
– Operating the system is simple and convenient due to the status panel, indicators and manual controls;
– You can always expand operation customizability by connecting an external monitor.

KillDisk Desktop stands out from the crowd with its impeccability in performance – the time-tested hardware setup based on savvy technologies, available at a cut price is definitely something you need to take a look into. It’s a handy, effective tool capable of covering a wide scope of data erasure requirements.


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