KillDisk Industrial setting the new tone in bulk data erasure

Posted: November 11, 2016 in Antivirus and Security Software

KillDisk IndustrialWhat was hardly affordable for the larger audience as for the data erasure products 5 years ago is nowadays a value offer leaving almost nothing to be desired.

KillDisk Industrial is an advanced data recycling product with a huge load of features on its board offered at a more than just competitive price. And no, it’s not about juicy price and garbage contents.

KillDisk Industrial is designed by LSoft Technologies, a software development veteran running since 1998 – these oldschool guys know what’s what when it comes to crafting reliable, highly-functional and totally user-friendly apps. So let’s dive into the area of its use and find out why it has made so much noise.

KillDisk Industrial is available as a separate piece of software as well as a part of a hardware system, Destroyinator. A software modification satisfies data wiping out demands in a cost-effective and efficient way, while the hardware package is designed to deal with the most comprehensive data recycling demands. The hardware system is optimal for use in case of constant huge data sanitation requirements that have well-established industry standards. Therefore, hardware modifications are utilized primarily at large corporations and specialized businesses: e.g. IT departments of processing centers, data centers, financial and banking institutions, high profile data erasure companies and etc. The software product, on the contrary, shows its best quality when it comes to less complex, yet frequent data wiping out tasks. The software version is popular mainly among small servicing businesses and IT companies working with huge arrays of data.

Certified disks

Until both audiences were hungry enough for the new products that solve the routine bulk tasks in an efficient and quick way. And KillDisk comes in handy to satisfy the widest array of e-recycling tasks at a low-rate price. It supports over 20 international data erasure standards, including DoD, widely utilized in the United States. It allows you to wipe out data at more than 100 disks at a time: HDDs and SSDs, as well as external drives, including USB and more. KillDisk goes beyond the standard data erasure capabilities – it can analyze the drives and fix bad sectors. In addition, it offers a streamlined certificate issuing and supports hot-swap feature to make data erasure process even smoother. Finally, virtually all the above features can be configured for automatic activation – the configuration allows even launching this or that operation as soon as you plug in a hard drive. For those looking to get the most of hard drive erasure control, Live USB bootable drive is optionally available. It enables you to take advantage of a GUI, so you can use an external monitor with no hassle.

KillDisk Industrial browse disk

The price for a software version of KillDisk starts from as low as $30 per slot and climbs up to $50 per slot – the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. It is indeed a long-term investment that pays off in the long run or even faster in case of greater data wiping demands. Does it still cost a lot? Perhaps. But take a look at the competition. This is where KillDisk Industrial stands out from the crowd.


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