7 Advanced Data Wiping Tools that Everyone Should Use

Posted: August 29, 2017 in Antivirus and Security Software

7 Advanced Data Wiping ToolsImagine a scenario in which your next bid details have lost accidentally.

What, my bid details are leaked!

How & when did it happen? Who did it? – You asked your assistant

Sir! The dealer shared the IT Assets with our competitor and they recovered data from it
But, did you not erase the data prior to selling? – You questioned!

I did! I deleted the data using Shift + Delete followed by OS reinstallation – answered your Assistant.

Then, how this Data Breach occur? – You are left wondering.

Sounds familiar? Well it has happened with most of us when we dispose or sell off our old IT Assets. The reason being, having insufficient knowledge about data erasure. However, using an appropriate method—Data Wiping Tool, we can prevent our data from falling in wrong hands! Let’s look at how —

Data Wiping Software

About Data Wiping Software

A simple software-based approach to permanently destroy the data residing on Digital media. It aims at overwriting the data into all sectors and ensures there is no scope of recovery.

Although the online marketplace is flooded with multitudes of options to fulfil this general need yet its selection is a bit challenging. The reason being, we cannot test every software as it is very time-consuming. Further, we cannot select any random software as it may not ensure complete authenticity.

Therefore, based on experts’ analysis, TechGeeks suggestions, and professionals’ recommendation, here is a curated list of top 7 Advanced Data Wiping Tools available to all—

Secure Data Wiping

Secure Data Wiping

1. DBAN (Darik’s Boot and Nuke)

Open Source Data Deletion Software

Bundled with smart features, DBAN is an intelligent Data Erasure Software. Powered by Blancco, this software helps in deleting data stored on HDDs in Desktops, Laptops, and Servers. This efficient tool also helps in removing spyware and viruses from Microsoft Windows installations. It is compliant with 6 Erasure Standards. The HDD Connectors such as ATA, SATA, and SCSI are in harmony with this tool. A perfect erasure tool for Personal use.


  • Free-of-cost


  • No Certification
  • No SSD support
  • No Release Updates, hardware support, and customer support

Secure Data Wiping

2. BitRaser

Secure Data Erasure Software

1S and 2E’s (Secure, Efficient, and Effortless) best describes this Certified Data Eraser. This plug-and-play software is an ideal Data Deletion approach that ensures permanent erasure beyond recovery scope. With hands on this software, you can safely and efficiently erase up to 32 hard drives simultaneously at a rapid pace.

Thanks to its audit reports feature, you can easily cater to the internal as well as external corporate audit compliances and requirements. Another unique trait about this software is that it meets with regulatory and statutory compliance needs for Data Privacy and Security— ISO27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, EU-GDPR, and GLB. The primary distinguishing trait is its provision for adding up to 5 customized erasure algorithms.


  • Works on Desktops, Laptops, External Storage Media for HDDs / SSDs
  • Generates tamper proof and customizable reports
  • Compatible with 24 international erasure standards
  • Fulfils both standalone and multiple hard drives erasure needs in storage racks


  • Not for free


3. Disk Wipe

Portable Data Erasure Tool

Similar to BitRaser, Disk Wipe is another pioneering Hard Drive Erasure tool. This tool also helps in erasing all disk data. Robust algorithms help this tool to delete data successfully and simply prevent recovery by multiple times adding binary data. Using this efficient tool, you can quickly wipe external hard drives, USB Sticks, and memory cards. The point of consideration here is that this external driver cleaner works in complete harmony with Windows Operating Systems.


  • Free Utility
  • No installation required
  • Support FAT, FAT32, and NTFS.


  • Intended for Windows users only!
  • Doesn’t clean the Primary Hard Drive


4. Secure Erase

SSDs Data Erasure Tool

Developed by the Center for Memory and Recording Research, Secure Erase is great Data Erasure tool for all those who are looking forward to SSDs erasure tool. You can launch this DOS like a utility as a USB stick and boot utility from media. With hands on this tool, you can efficiently launch ATA specification security erase unit and drive internal secure erase command.


  • Runs on SSDs


  • Does not erases HDDs
  • Need to run from an actual DOS environment
  • To run you need USB DOS bootable disk, floppy, or recordable CD-R


5. Blancco

Safe Data Erasure Tool

Another well-renowned Data Erasure tool. This tool fulfils data erasure needs for both HHDs and SSDs irrespective of the underlying technology. An ideal recommendation for Business and Organizational usage! This software supports over 22+ Data Erasure standards. Those who use this software also gets support for RAID Dismantling, License Harvesting, UEFI, User Authentication, HW and Smart Tests, Global Technical Support, and Regular Software Updates.


  • Recognizes false positives
  • Delivers digitally signed certificate
  • Local as well as remote deployment


  • Not for Free


6. Active@ KillDisk

Whether you want to erase SSDs or HDDs, Active@ KillDisk is another smart approach. This powerful tool permanently destroys computer data and leaves no chance of recovery. Similar to BitRaser, it also provides certification and adheres to hard disk data removal United States Department of Defense standards. You can boot it using Floppy Drive or DOS USB.


  • Compatible with Large Drives
  • IDE / ATA / SCSI drives support
  • Compatible with Command Line mode
  • Customized Security Levels


  • NA


7. Eraser

Advanced Security Tool

Designed by Heidi Computers, Eraser is Data Erasure Tool intended for Windows users. Using this tool, users can quickly erase hard drive sensitive data, unused disk space, recycle bin, or specific files by overwriting it carefully. The unique trait about its overwriting is it several different methods based on varying standards. Further, it also offers you provision to define your own overwriting method.


  • Free-of-cost
  • Run manually or scheduled


  • Intended for Windows users only

Final Thoughts

Similar to Data Recovery, Data Wiping is also vital necessity of the this fast-paced Digital Era. Like that, its field is also flourishing with latest and advanced upgrades to cater to the widespread needs. Out of this plethora of options, some emerge as great solutions while others eventually fade away within a short duration.

Therefore, to accomplish data wiping needs and ensure protection against Data Breach, we have brought forth the list of top 7 data cleaning tools that everyone can leverage. This curated list has been prepared on the basis of recommendations from experts.

About The Author

Manish BhicktaManish Bhickta is worked for Stellar Data Recovery. He was in cybersecurity arena since last 3 years and raises a war against data breach and other online malicious activities.


  1. Helen Green says:

    I have been using “SSD Secure Erase” feature of AOMEI Partition Assistant; it helps me a lot.

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