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The world is becoming a planet of Android smartphones, and the users are very keen to use the instant messaging applications on their digital devices. The social media application is playing a pivotal role to connect the whole world within the single Android mobile phone device. The modern technology in the shape of smartphones is […]

Clueful from BitDefender – protecting user privacy on the Android platform The company Bitdefender, known for its anti-virus solutions, has introduced a new free product for the Android mobile platform called Clueful. The main function of the package Clueful is to protect the people against the encroachments of privacy. In particular, the technology Clueful can […]

Antivirus companies warned of a new program, the blackmailer, presenting itself as a legitimate Android-app for removing malicious software. As reported in the anti-virus company Symantec, the new code infects users’ mobile devices and impersonating antivirus. However, unlike in the present anti-virus, this development is contrary introducing malicious code on users’ devices. In Symantec say […]

Symantec Corporation announces a new threat Android.Exprespam. Scammers create fake application store for the Android platform in order to obtain personal data. Experts believe that with the help of this scheme hackers have managed to steal from 75 to 450 thousand records of personal data, and this is just the beginning. Users can protect themselves, […]

The malware steals the victim’s phone number and contact list, which is stored on the mobile device. Representatives of the company Symantec documented Trojan, which is aimed at women users Android-devices. Victims of a malicious program called Loozfon become a resident of Japan. Initially, the potential victim receives an e-mail inviting them to earn easy […]

In more than 50% Android-devices have serious vulnerabilities that remain uncorrected because mobile operators are often not in a hurry to release updates to the software, according to an expert in the field of mobile security. “Since the launch of X-Ray (special Android-application that allows to check the system for vulnerabilities), we were able to […]

Mobile devices have made it easier for business owners to transact business while on the go. However, mobile devices have an inherent risk to them. For one, nobody has much experience with the use of these devices. For instance, the world has had over half a century to secure the PC. In spite of this, […]

5 Ways To Secure Your Next Android App Android security has become a hot button issue among Android users and developers alike. While the Android platform does offer significantly more freedom when compared to iOS, BlackBerry and Microsoft operating systems, this freedom has a trade off; Android devices and applications have often been seen as […]

If you are someone who is regularly using Smartphone, then you may not be using VPN. The major feature that is associated with VPN is that it helps you in surfing over internet both in the private as well as public hotspots as it created a virtual tunnel for the smart device of users. This […]

Hacking Team Remote Control System: Spy Software “Galileo” can hack any mobile devices Hackers from Italy said that they could hack any smartphone. There is a tool in the software market, that can spy the owners of devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, as well as Mac and PC. Italian hackers from Hacking Team […]