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DoS and DDoS attacks in the world of Internet security is a special place. First, they do not take advantage of vulnerabilities in the software that can be fixed, and secondly, each package consisting attack looks legitimate – just the combination of a set of packets can lead to destructive consequences, and thirdly, the last […]

In the last quarter, had a chance to reflect Prolexic Technologies 7 DDoS-attack capacity of over 20 GB / s, directed to the resources of its customers. Some of them were conducted by hackers using php-bot itsoknoproblembro. “Last year, DDoS-attack above 20 Gb / s was unthinkable, but now seen as commonplace,” – says (Stuart […]

The Botnet infected Linux-servers which used a vulnerable version of Apache Tomcat, Apache Struts and Elasticsearch. Experts of Akamai-Prolexic discovered a botnet known as IptabLes and IptabLex. It was used to carry out DDoS-attacks on the DNS-servers and other objects of the network infrastructure. Victims of botnet became misconfigured Linux-servers. According to experts, in the […]

According to experts, companies first need to be able to isolate the attacked components. After analyzing large DDoS-attacks, which earlier this year underwent many media, as well as a series of attacks on the financial structure of the United States, the responsibility for which has taken over the hacking group Cyber ​​Fighters of Izz ad-din […]

DDOS Attacks have Increased in Number and Size According to statistics Prolexic Technologies, in January-March 2013 the average power of DDoS-attacks increased by 718% to 48.25 Gb / s. Moreover, the experts pointed upward trend to growth of pps-indicator: last quarter it reached 32.4 million packets per second. This indicator is usually not taken into […]

On average, the power of today’s DDoS-attacks of 32.4 million packet-per-second. The company Prolexic, which provides IT-services, conducted a study on the amount, duration and frequency of DDoS-attacks on the filling of web-sites and computer systems with malicious files. According to the study, over the past three months, almost all indicators increased eight-fold, compared with […]

Professionals, IDC published a market research solutions for fight against DoS and DDoS-attacks. The document entitled “Worldwide DDoS Prevention Products and Services 2013-2017 Forecast” researchers, in particular, predicts that by 2017 the annual growth of the market-making to prevent DoS and DDoS-attacks will be 18.2%, and in 2017, the turnover of this segment of the […]

DDoS attack has become a consumer product. She still can not be sold in the shops, but in underground sites, you will find many opportunities – sets for DDoS, price lists and even DDoS services for hire. Anyone from individuals to organizations involved in cybercrime can easily deploy a botnet and launch an attack. Not […]

 5 days ago on the Internet appeared malicious script that exploits vulnerabilities in WordPress Pingback API for DDoS-attacks. Experts note that by accessing the WordPress XMLRPC API, using the file xmlrpc.php, attackers can not only use it for DDoS-attacks, but also to learn whether a host on the internal network, scan ports hosts inside the […]

According to researchers of Group-IB, hackers even more often resort to more profitable types of fraud. According to experts of the Group-IB company, DDoS-attack as the type of criminal earnings loses the popularity among hackers in favor of more profitable bank fraud. Botnets, used by malefactors both for carrying out DDoS-attacks, and for a compromise […]