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Keeping information safe from hackers has always been a priority in the corporate world. But over the past several years, it has become increasingly more important for consumers to use caution when storing personal data. Here are three things your systems should be well equipped with in preparation for cyber predators.

Sir Frances Bacon once said, “Knowledge is power.” While he was likely referring to the type of knowledge found in classic literature and scientific exploration, this memorable and often used phrase is just as applicable to today’s digital databases. Major corporations and everyday individuals keep large amounts of information – everything from store inventories to […]

“Google Cloud Storage service is now automatically and free of charge encrypts all user data,” – said in the Internet company Google. According to Dave Barth (the product manager for Google Cloud Storage), embedded encryption process is completely transparent to users and does not affect the performance of the service. “If you enable encryption of […]

Google has announced the strengthening of all SSL encryption certificates. Developers start using 2048-bit encryption. The new standard will be put into operation gradually. Google starts using the new certificates in August. Fully transition promise to finish by the end of 2013. In most cases and for most users, the transition to another technology will […]

Tor – a system that allows anonymous establish a network connection that is protected from eavesdropping A set of tools for a wide range of users who want to make the web a safer and more reliable. Tor provides the foundation for a range of applications to exchange information over public networks without compromising with […]

Seculert’s experts found specialized malware steals details of bank cards of sale terminals under Windows. The malware, named Dexter, is introduced into the system process iexplore.exe, providing it with a restart when disconnected by hand and prepare a list of active processes, each determines the available memory space, it reads in a local buffer, using […]

Major threat to the security of your data – is the World Wide Web. We will describe how to provide protection for your home network. Often users mistakenly believe that to protect the home PC connected to the Internet is enough conventional antivirus. In introducing misleading and labels on boxes of routers, which states that […]

Research carried out by Sophos, shows that 8% of the more than 100,000 access points Wi-Fi, registered in the center of London, do not use encryption technology, and 19% use encryption technology, WEP. According to the researchers, the fact that many Wi-Fi networks in London used fairly old technology encryption WEP, can be explained by […]

Running a business is an inherently risky venture. However, there are far more risks to businesses today than things like market forces and stiff competition. Many of these threats can be completely unexpected and can strike at any time. Curbing the danger posed by things like burglars, hackers and malware requires making investments in technology. […]

The world-renowned developer of security systems, the company Bitdefender, officially announced the release of a free and secure web-browser for users of Windows. The application is called Bitdefender Safepay 1.9 and is a columnist, “sustainable” to hacker attacks, and provides robust tools for making electronic purchases and online banking. Free version of the browser Bitdefender […]