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The company ESET has released a new product – ESET NOD32 Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server to protect Web portals. ESET NOD32 Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server – a solution for centralized security web portals on the platform of SharePoint Server, SharePoint Server 2013 including all types of cyber threats. The software product regularly reviews […]

Released a new ESET NOD32 Mobile Security for smartphones and tablets based on Android The company ESET, a leading international developer of antivirus software and an expert in the field of cyber crime and protecting against threats, has introduced a new intelligent solution ESET NOD32 Mobile Security. The solution allows you to enjoy all the […]

ESET has released a beta versions of NOD32 Antivirus 7 and Smart Security 7 The company ESET has announced the first public beta versions of the updated anti-virus products NOD32 Antivirus 7 and Smart Security 7. Members who decided to test, not just waiting for a number of new instruments for the protection against Internet […]

The company ESET, a leading international developer of antivirus software and a global expert in the field of protection against cyber crime and cyber threats, announced the launch of a new generation of anti-virus products ESET NOD32 Cyber ​​Security and ESET NOD32 Cyber ​​Security Pro, target the Mac OS X. Through the use of modern […]

Anti-virus company Eset has updated personal solutions ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET NOD32 Smart Security to the seventh version. The company said that one of the most common ways to infect users is the use of exploits – cracking programs that penetrate to the device through vulnerabilities in applications or operating system and open the […]

The company Eset, developer of antivirus software, today updated products Eset NOD32 Endpoint Security for Android and Eset NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition for Linux Desktop. The decision Eset NOD32 Endpoint Security for Android has been updated to version The new product has been enhanced multilanguage support tools built EmsApplication, PhoneLocker and LockActivity, as well […]

The company ESET, announces the release of updated solutions for protection of file and mail servers. ESET NOD32 File Security for Microsoft Windows Server – anti-virus product that provides protection for file servers from all types of malicious software, solution automatically detects dangerous applications and files that can break your server. System check performed during […]

ESET is known as an international developer of antivirus software. In addition it owns a number of decisions in the field of computer security technology for both corporate and home users. The company was founded in 1992 and since then its development has led to the fact that it is presented is more than 160 […]

Try a free online scanner ESET Scan your computer for threats quickly and effectively. A free tool to remove malware from any computer without the need to install antivirus software. In the ESET Online Scanner uses technology proactive detection of known and previously unknown threats ThreatSense ®, as well as important base signature databases.

Up to a certain point in its development computer world applications lived two parallel platforms – PowerPC, provided by Apple and its offspring – Mac OS and traditional to the general public with the Intel x86 dominated by the time Microsoft Windows. And, if the PowerPC platform viruses were most of the area of ​​exotic, […]