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The most commonly used Java 6 Update 20, which contains 96 vulnerabilities of the highest level of danger. The company Bit9 has conducted a study, the results of which indicate that the Java carries a significant risk to the safety of the enterprise, as it is often the software is the ultimate target of cyber […]

According to the statements of experts discovered vulnerability allows an attacker to bypass the sandbox Java. Representatives of the Polish company Security Explorations announced the discovery of a new vulnerability in Java 7, which allows an attacker to bypass the sandbox software and execute arbitrary code on the system. To confirm the presence of gaps […]

Oracle has recognized the recent security problems that have arisen with Java, and plans to implement several new features, at least three to address such incidents. According to the corporation, in October 2013, will be released quarterly package of Oracle Critical Patch Update. Usually this patch includes fixes for the same time all the products […]

Oracle has released Java SE 7 Update 21: eliminating of 45 vulnerabilities, and support for ARM Oracle (Oracle Corporation) has unveiled the planned corrective release Java SE 7 Update 21, which fixed 42 security problems, as well as a portion of the improvements introduced to increase security. In addition, despite the decision to end the […]

According to security vendor Websense, most browsers with installed Java-plugin vulnerable for at least one exploit-kit, used for a number of web-based attacks. In Websense say they used their own analytical network that tracks billions of Web requests from several million end-user computers. Network is able to detect the version of Java, installed on the […]

In the new version of the February 2013 Critical Patch Update will include additional fixes. Updates for Java, Oracle released on February 1 of this year, as it turned out, did not remove all the vulnerability. In this regard, on February 19 will be issued a new update, as previously planned. Due to the discovery […]

Java Runtime Environment 7

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Articles
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Java Runtime Environment allows you to run applications (applets) that are written in Java, in your browser. Play online games, chat online chat rooms and use the other useful features of Java-applets on different websites Developer: ORACLE License: Freeware Version: Update 13 ( Updated: 01/02/2013 System: 8/7 / Vista / XP 32 | 64-bit Interface: […]

The latest stable version of Java for users exposed of the new attack, says independent experts. According to them, the attack works even if the user is uses the maximum security settings, and the software is fully updated. Recall that in the last month in Java have been eliminated two vulnerabilities “zero-day”, but according to […]

Antivirus company Trend Micro has detected a new type of malicious software that masquerades as a patch for the environment Java, allegedly eliminating vulnerabilities in this latest development. Recall that Oracle over the past 7 days did release an update for Java 7 that addresses one of the critical dangerous vulnerabilities, but independent security experts […]

Less than in a day after the Oracle developers corrected a dangerous gap in Java allowing far off to compromise target system on the basis of Windows OS, at underground Internet forums started sales of exploit for the next vulnerability of zero day in this platform. According KrebsOnSecurity, one of the administrators of the hacker’s […]