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Three new vulnerabilities have been found in the Linux Kernel CVE-2014-3673, CVE-2014-3687, and CVE-2014-3688. These vulnerabilities allows a remote user to cause a denial of service (Kernel panic). Denial of service in the Linux Kernel Danger level: Middle The presence of fixes: Yes The number of vulnerabilities: 3

Two vulnerabilities in the Linux Kernel Danger level: Low Availability Fixes: Instructions on corrective action Quantity of vulnerabilities: 2 CVSSv2 Rating: 1.  (AV: L / AC: L / Au: N / C: N / I: N / A: P / E: U / RL: W / RC: C) = Base: 2.1 / Temporal: 1.7 2. […]

Several newly discovered vulnerabilities: – In the Linux kernel detected vulnerability that allowed a local attacker to elevate their privileges in the system through the transfer of incorrect parameters through a system call perf_event_open (). The problem occurs only on a platform of ARM; – In the implementation of the CIFS file system of the […]

Published a notice of detected critical vulnerability in the database PostgreSQL. No details and data on the nature of the problem is not reported prior to release official updates that are scheduled for April 4. Apparently the vulnerability is very dangerous, because the first time in the history of the project repository access will be […]

Vulnerability: Disclosures in the Linux kernel Danger: Low Number of vulnerabilities: 1 CVE ID: CVE-2012-0957 Impact: Disclosure of system information Affected products: Linux Kernel 3.2.x, Linux Kernel 3.5.x Affected versions: Linux kernel 3.2.x, 3.5.x

Privilege escalation in Linux Kernel Affected products: – Linux Kernel 3.2.x; – Linux Kernel 3.4.x; – Linux Kernel 3.5.x. Affected versions:

ESET Company has recently published a 69 page report containing the detailed analysis of an ongoing large-scale attack on servers running on Linux, FreeBSD and other Unix-like systems since 2011. During the attack (the codename ‘Operation Windigo’) a group of cyber criminals has obtained control of more than 25,000 of servers in three years, 10,000 […]

Release of Linux Tails0.18, theAmnesic Incognito Live System (Live CD, Live USB) Presented release of a specialized Linux-distribution Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) 0.18, based on the Debian package base and designed to provide anonymous access to the network. Distribution formed as Live-system enabling of the box to ensure the maximum level of security […]

ESET antivirus company reported the detection of new malware Linux / Chapro.A, used by hackers to launch attacks on visitors to a site hosted on compromised Linux-servers. Feature of the Linux / Chapro.A is that malicious code is designed as a module for http-server Apache, substitution occurs exploit browsers iframe or JavaScript-blocks in traffic is […]

On a number of web-servers, we found a new rootkit that is used to secretly insert malicious substitution given off in HTTP-server content. Rootkit infects 64-bit Linux-servers running Debian Squeeze with kernel 2.6.32-5-amd64. After activation in the core of the system to load the module, covering the traces of the rootkit and substitution occurs in […]