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Safer Networking Company announced the release of the second technical update for Spybot 2.1 (SR2), the popular solutions to remove the malware. Spybot 2.1 SR2 – better performance, smoother installation.  The program is presented in two versions: a free personal edition, concentrating on the protection against spyware and various commercial version offering enhanced virus protection […]

Analysts McAfee Labs reports record increase in the rate of propagation of malicious software over the past 4 years. McAfee has published a regular review of security threats McAfee Threats Report: Second Quarter 2012. Analysts McAfee Labs reports record increase in the rate of propagation of malicious software over the past 4 years. In the […]

Security software should work well with your operating system, and it shouldn’t get in the way of your daily activities. Most browser hijackers aim to send you messages about shopping opportunities, which results in a slower computing experience. The same is true for poorly made security solutions.

Wikipedia almost compromised due to a recent flaw found in open sources software. When we think of Wikipedia, we don’t conjure images of dangerous page loads and deliberately misleading information. At worst, Wikipedia can provide you with some good information and some bad information. It’s really up to you to distinguish between the good and […]

Do I need antivirus for android? Android phones have leaped to new heights in the phone business, and cover a majority of the mobile market share. Anti-virus software for android has also drawn some attention with the increased number of mobile phones. Whether Android phones genuinely need anti-virus, a debate is on. There is a […]

Symantec reported the detection of new threats in the Android app store. Service Symantec Security Response has found 14 applications that allow attackers without the user’s direct requests from the device to external resources. Symantec Security Response has detected 14 malicious applications published by the same developer. These applications make the request with the user’s […]

Antivirus company Trend Micro has detected a new type of malicious software that masquerades as a patch for the environment Java, allegedly eliminating vulnerabilities in this latest development. Recall that Oracle over the past 7 days did release an update for Java 7 that addresses one of the critical dangerous vulnerabilities, but independent security experts […]

The company GFI Software Ltd – a leading software developer that provides a complete solution for network security, content security and communications. Using leading technology, an aggressive strategy to evaluate and focusing on small and medium businesses, the company is able to ensure the smooth operation and high performance companies in the world. GFI Software […]

The principle of anti-virus software – detection and removal of malicious code using the full range of technologies. Antivirus technologies are developed in parallel with the evolution of malware are becoming more sophisticated as the complexity of threats. The principles of the anti-virus programs can be classified in several ways. One type of classification is […]

The company “Doctor Web” alerts the user about a wide distribution of 22 October 2012 of malicious spam allegedly from the popular online store These letters contain the offer to load the license for Microsoft Windows, however, following the link, the user catches at once two harmful programs (Trojan.Necurs.97 and BackDoor.Andromeda.22) which are ready […]