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Published a notice of detected critical vulnerability in the database PostgreSQL. No details and data on the nature of the problem is not reported prior to release official updates that are scheduled for April 4. Apparently the vulnerability is very dangerous, because the first time in the history of the project repository access will be […]

The critical vulnerability in Drupal (CVE-2014-3704) In the release of web content management system Drupal 7.32 fixed a critical vulnerability (CVE-2014-3704), which allows an attacker to send specially crafted requests resulting in arbitrary SQL execution. The vulnerability assigned the highest level of danger (Highly critical), what indicates the possibility of the remote attacks that can […]

Here three vulnerabilities found in plugins of Content Management System WordPress: Disclosure of sensitive data in XCloner, SQL-injection in WP Symposium Plugin, and Cross-site scripting (CSRF-attack) in W3 Total Cache Plugin. 1. Disclosure of sensitive data in WordPress XCloner Danger level: Low Availability correction: None The number of vulnerabilities: 1 CVSSv2 rating: (AV: L / […]

WP-Sentinel – WordPress plugin for protection from dangerous HTTP-requests Plugin to protect your blog from malicious HTTP-requests, various injections, XSS-attacks, brute force attacks, and flooding. It is to protect WordPress Website from hacking. He checks each HTTP request for a given set of rules to filter malicious requests. Plugin to protect your blog from malicious […]

Vulnerability – the lack of a computer system, the use of which lead to a breach of system integrity and malfunction. Vulnerabilities are caused by programming errors, shortcomings that allowed the design of the system, weak passwords, malware, scripting and SQL-injection. The vulnerability allows an attacker to disrupt the correct operation of the application, for […]