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Google has announced the strengthening of all SSL encryption certificates. Developers start using 2048-bit encryption. The new standard will be put into operation gradually. Google starts using the new certificates in August. Fully transition promise to finish by the end of 2013. In most cases and for most users, the transition to another technology will […]

Vulnerability: Substitution of SSL certificates PayPal SDK Danger: Low Availability of fixes: Insturktsii to eliminate Quantity of vulnerabilities: 1 CVE ID: CVE-2012-5787 Vector operation: Remote Impact: Spoofing attack Affected products: PayPal SDK Affected versions: PayPal SDK Description: Which can be exploited by malicious people to conduct spoofing attacks.

Security researchers from the University of Berkeley, announced the creation of non-profit community ICSI Certificate Notary, which will support a single database with information on the validity of SSL-certificates. Create a service certificate validation is an attempt to address the key architectural issues the certification process – with one of the hundreds of compromised certificates, […]

Researchers have discovered an incorrect implementation of SSL encryption that allows for an attack on a huge number of applications and services provided by PayPal, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo. A team of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and Stanford published a study of reliability mechanisms Validation SSL certificates in “non-browser” software platforms […]

Staff of the two German universities found that 17% Android-SSL apps’ can be exploited to the “man in the middle” attack . Employees of Leibniz University in Hannover and Philipps University examined some 13 000 applications and more than 1000 of them, they found errors implement SSL protocol. In the study, researchers found that 17% […]

By tradition, today Microsoft is planning to release another patch that fixes two critical vulnerabilities, and released an update to the antivirus application. But apart from this, the corporation reminds administrators of Windows to verify correctness used security certificates. As of the scheduled security bulletin provides a fix for two critical vulnerabilities found in Microsoft […]

The Best Ways To Keep Your Online Business Secure As any ecommerce shopper knows, sometimes you come across viruses and malware. As an online business owner, you have to worry about viruses, hackers and thieves that could take down the website, the business and your livelihood. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve the security […]

In the implementation of the Linux kernel x32 ABI found serious vulnerability The critical vulnerability (CVE-2014 – 0038) has been detected in the Linux kernel. The vulnerability allows local users to elevate their privileges in the system and execute code with kernel privileges. The problem occurs only when compiling the kernel with support for x32 […]

Sophisticated malicious software by cybercriminals designed to silently steal banking credentials from victimized systems has been swimming the World Wide Web since 2002. However, it recorded its highest infections in the past three months. According to a new report from Trend Micro, they recorded over 200,000 new infections from July through September which is the […]

It appears, not only developers of Android-applications sin with illiterate introduction of SSL, but similar mistakes are present at programs of the leading software companies, including Amazon and Paypal. Illiterate procedure of verification of SSL certificates is found out in mission-critical application, SDK, Java middleware, bank software etc. that opens before malefactors of possibility for […]