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The Android’s ecosystem is very open  and as a consequence of freedom, fraudsters easy spread malware. As the number of people using smartphones to manage bank accounts, cyberhawks increasingly targets to the mobile users. “Banking Trojans on mobile were largely successful targeting older generation operating systems like J2ME and Blackberry, but haven’t made the headway […]

Analysts on Information Security by company Intego discovered a new type of Trojan that infects Mac computers. The data presented indicate a relationship with the Syrian group of hackers Syrian Electronic Army, responsible for numerous attacks recently. The company Intego, engaged in release of antivirus software, said in a blog post about finding a hacker […]

Kaspersky Internet Security, successfully repelled all attacks is aimed at online banking systems in the course of specialized testing Online Banking / Browser Security Assessment Project, conducted in the second quarter of 2013. The danger of attacks aimed at the users of payment systems and online banking, is that if successful, attackers abducted real money […]

Researchers has discovered ‘Zeus-like Trojan‘. ESET’s researchers has discovered a new effective web banking Trojan – Hesperbot (Win32/Spy.Hesperbot), whose activities are aimed at users from Turkey, the Czech Republic, Portugal and UK. Malicious software can capture keystrokes, take screenshots with the user’s screen , record video , and configure proxy and create a hidden VNC- […]

Desktop variants of Linux users is relatively rare victims of malicious software, but the company RSA said that discovered a Trojan software is oriented on users of open operating system in desktop form. According to the blog RSA, a new ‘Trojan Hand’ of Thief works similar to many Windows-Trojans – after installation on the target […]

AV developers say about a surge of activity Trojan cryptographers Dr. Web warned of the growing number of users affected by a Trojan cryptographers. The most widespread malicious program Trojan.Encoder.94. Also very popular Trojan.Encoder.225: only recently for help in restoring the files affected by the actions of the Trojan, anti-virus department Dr. Web addressed more […]

The company “Dr. Web” found a new version of the Trojan Linux.Sshdkit, represent a danger to the Linux servers. According to statistics compiled by analysts, by far the Trojans from the actions of this family have been affected by several hundreds of servers, some of which are large servers hosting providers. About the first versions […]

The new banking trojan for Android spread via SMS-phishing. The company’s specialists McAfee Labs discovered a new Trojan for the bank’s mobile operating system Android, identified by McAfee experts as Android / FakeBankDropper.A and Android / FakeBank.A. A malicious program that operates mainly in South Korea, the program replaces the legitimate mobile banking provides its […]

The company Eset today published a report on the most active threats in May 2013. Month was marked increase in the activity of the family of banker Trojans ZeuS, as well as a phishing attack using one of the services of Google. Last month, the world was recorded increased activity of a family of ZBot […]

The company “Dr Web” found a previously unknown functionality in the new malicious program for Facebook. Trojan.Facebook.311 can not only publish the name of the new user’s status, join groups, post comments, but spamming social networks Twitter and Google Plus. Trojan Trojan.Facebook.311 is written in JavaScript language for popular web browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. […]