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Seculert’s experts found specialized malware steals details of bank cards of sale terminals under Windows. The malware, named Dexter, is introduced into the system process iexplore.exe, providing it with a restart when disconnected by hand and prepare a list of active processes, each determines the available memory space, it reads in a local buffer, using […]

A group of researchers has found that many banking terminals use predictable transaction IDs. Researchers at Cambridge University presented a report on vulnerabilities in banking card terminals, which allow hackers to steal user information, and create clones of existing credit cards. The study was presented at the conference on cryptography in Leuven, Belgium. The scientists […]

In recent time increased the number of cases of fraud involving bank cards. According to the analyst, global losses from Internet fraud and bank terminals in the billions annually. Of particular concern are scamming – interception of a credit card through the electronic devices illegally installed on the front of the bank terminal (overhead readers […]

In a connected, digital and wireless world, your personal, financial, business and private information is at risk from hackers and other thieves. The threat magnifies when you’re on vacation. With the great memories and rejuvenation of time away with family, friends or self comes vulnerability to less than secure technology. Below are some tips to […]

Keyloggers are a dangerous form of a malware that hackers often use to get people’s data. You will want to know what keyloggers are so that you can avoid them. Surfing the Internet can be quite risky if you don’t understand all of the threats that you face. Keyloggers are one of the biggest cybersecurity […]

Identity theft has become one of the most serious problems worldwide. According to the latest Identity Fraud Report by Javelin Strategy and Research, there were 12.6 million cases of identity theft in 2012 in the United States alone, making that 1 million victims more than in 2009. According to the report, the common causes of […]

Bitdefender Total Security 2014 If you’re looking for a program with “Total Security” for your computer, expect Bitdefender to stand up to your expectations with all the new features and performance boosters added in the new 2014 version. Bitdefender Total Security 2014 will not disappoint you in any way when it comes to offering antivirus […]

Cyber ​​criminals are increasingly turning to the services of the Panamanian service Perfect Money. Three months later, after a group of international human rights organizations raided the office of the electronic payment system Liberty Reserve (after the company closed down), cybercriminals, most experts say, are increasingly turning to the services of the service Perfect Money. […]

Fraudsters have earned $200 million from the sale of stolen credit card data. For its activities criminals have created a special web portal. 11 people in the U.S., the UK and Vietnam were arrested for organizing a criminal group that engaged in theft of credit card customers of banks. Throughout her work fraudsters managed to […]

International criminal group in just a few hours stole $ 45 million: having got access to a database on debit cards, they to remove cash in ATMs worldwide. According to prosecutor’s office of the USA, some thousand thefts from ATMs with use of duplicates of cards with a magnetic tape on which the data of […]