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Anytime you connect to the internet or do something online, you risk exposing your computer to viruses and malware. These malicious programs are often undetectable without special software. Many do not harm your computer in any noticeable way, but they can steal personal information and files or cause other problems. Most internet users today are […]

The level of sophistication in cybercrime and cyber terrorism has dramatically increased in the past five years, and so has the frequency of attacks against American targets. The attacks come from within the U.S. and from around the world. From the private sector such as credit card and healthcare companies to governmental agencies, and attacks […]

Web surfing academy: staying on the safe side Internet is teeming with malware, viruses, and fraudulent schemes that pretty easily hook careless users. In this article we are focusing on the essential aspects of safe browsing – it’s a must-read for web surfing pioneers and a nice refresher for seasoned internet users.

What is the best way for police to utilise their funds when it comes to tackling cybercrime. An announcement that the Hampshire Constabulary are looking for skilled IT workers to act as Special Constables has caused a bit of controversy and consternation. There is no doubt that fighting cybercrime is a difficult task and having […]

There is a new kid of the virus block, and a pretty nasty kid it is too. Named Rombertik, it is generally picked up from attachments on phishing emails (usually appearing to be a .PDF file in the case of this virus). Maybe one of those emails you received claiming you have won a prize, […]

McAfee Launches NGFW 5.8 for Enterprises to Effectively Fight Cybercrime. McAfee Next generation firewall empowers enterprises to more effectively fight cybercrime with expanded threat defense ecosystem. On Oct. 15, McAfee, part of Intel Security, announced the latest release of McAfee Next Generation Firewall 5.8 with important new integrations with the McAfee Security Connected framework to […]

A botnet, called Qbot, to have infected over 500,000 systems. Proofpoint security researchers have published an analysis that exposes the inner workings of a cybercrime operation targeting online banking credentials for banks in the United States and Europe. According to Proofpoint, attacks by type drive-by-dovnload carried out with the help of compromised sites on the […]

McAfee Labs today published its quarterly report on the latest threat tendencies – review the details to get a generous portion of statistics and nutty facts. Traditionally, a ‘cold’ summer period, characterized by a relatively poor cybercriminal activity, is nine times out of ten followed by a fall’s wave of devastation that brings new forms […]

DRAFT: Embargo until 11/20/13, 12:01 a.m. ET Contacts: Chris Palm McAfee 408-346-3089 Stephanie Chaney Zeno Group 312-222-1758 MCAFEE LABS SEES NEW THREATS SUBVERTING DIGITAL SIGNATURE VALIDATION Third Quarter Threats Report Identifies Android Malware That Bypasses App Validation as Signed PC Malware Continues to Surge; Bitcoin Popular in Illicit Trade and Cybercrime SANTA CLARA, […]

Over recent years, more and more businesses have become increasingly reliant on digital technology. While this has helped to improve processes, increase output, and contribute to the overall success of many businesses, it has also put businesses at increased risk of one of today’s most prevalent types of crime – cybercrime. Every year, huge numbers […]