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International criminal group in just a few hours stole $ 45 million: having got access to a database on debit cards, they to remove cash in ATMs worldwide. According to prosecutor’s office of the USA, some thousand thefts from ATMs with use of duplicates of cards with a magnetic tape on which the data of […]

The attack can be achieved by the introduction of Javascript code in your account page in the social network. In one of the most popular social networks Twitter world was discovered malware aimed at social network users. This was reported by Tanya Shafir,  Trusteer’s researcher. As declare in the company, the malicious software carries out […]

According to researchers of Group-IB, hackers even more often resort to more profitable types of fraud. According to experts of the Group-IB company, DDoS-attack as the type of criminal earnings loses the popularity among hackers in favor of more profitable bank fraud. Botnets, used by malefactors both for carrying out DDoS-attacks, and for a compromise […]

Cybercriminals are heavily used in their illegal activities of the Joint European domain .eu, the report said the British antivirus company Sophos. “The number of malicious domains .eu growing. Many malicious domains were registered in November to distribute a set of exploits Blackhole”, – said Fraser Howard, anti-virus specialist Sophos. Blackhole is a set of […]

Think you are protected from hackers because you have the latest security program, including anti-malware and antivirus software? Think again. No matter how secure you think your computer or device is, all are vulnerable to hacker attacks. Every day, hackers are coming up more ways to steal personal information.

Cell-phone, especially smart-phone, has become a vital part of our lives and we can’t seem to even start our day without it. The digital era that we live in today demands us to stay on the go and hence smart-phones have become an essential extension of our ‘self’. Where the worldwide sales and usage of […]

Cloud-based services, aka services that store your information on a server as opposed to your own hard drive, have been embraced by individuals and business users alike. Everything from banking apps, email and even social media accounts are now all accessible via the Cloud on multiple devices with nothing more than an internet connection, which […]

Tuesday Updates – Adobe Security Bulletins (December 9, 2014) The security updates affect products such as Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe ColdFusion. December 9 this year in the “Tuesday Updates” Adobe has released three security bulletins. They fix 27 vulnerabilities in products such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash Player […]

ShellShock vulnerability, which was assigned an identifier CVE-2014-6271, was fixed pretty quickly. However, after the elimination of gaps, has been found several vulnerabilities, which get the ID CVE-2014-7169, CVE-2014-7186 and CVE-2014-7187. Currently, there are updates that correct all the above gaps. #1. Released the third update to fix the ShellShock vulnerability Hotfix fixes several flaws […]

Reading and sending e-mail should be a private matter Any confidential data can be safely sent by e-mail if the message is securely encrypted. Our step by step guide will help you set the protection mail correspondence with help certificates and security keys. To simplify the task, use a recent version of the mail client […]