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CrowdStrike Discovers Use of 64-bit Zero-Day Privilege Escalation Exploit (CVE-2014-4113) by Hurricane Panda Initially, a sample of the virus was detected on a machine running 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2. A highly organized hacker group Hurricane Panda, located, apparently in China and attacking companies with a large infrastructure, uses in their attacks the exploit to […]

Above is an old photo of the 7 year old daughter of Amanda Rieth who at the time was battling Stage IV neuroblastoma, this beautiful little girl is now 13 and has shown no signs of the cancer since 2007. But this photo is still circulating around social networks without the Rieth family’s consent and […]

Microsoft warns users of Internet Explorer, what the attackers began to exploit a new previously unknown 0-day vulnerability in browser IE 6-10. Now specialists are working on the release of the patch, which will included in automatic updates. But the danger is so great that people are asked to self-install the patch Fix It, which […]

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit – a new application for fighting with exploits Malwarebytes company released the first public beta release of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit – a modified and improved version of ExploitShield ZeroVulnerabilityLabs. Similarly, as in his previous incarnation – ExploitShield, – Anti-Exploit application is very easy to use tool that protects popular programs from threats “zero-day”, web-exploits, […]

Published zero-day exploit to attack the system with Plesk control panel More than 360,000 Apache websites imperiled by critical Plesk vulnerability Publicly available attack code exploits remote-code bug in Plesk admin panel and  allows execution of arbitrary code on the web-servers that are running Plesk (the web hosting control panel). The problem is tested on […]

Secunia accidentally published a 0-day exploit in an open mailing list The Danish company Secunia, which specializes in gathering information about the vulnerabilities in different software products, accidentally sent the  letter to the open mailing list with the description of 0-day vulnerability and exploit. Yesterday Secunia has officially apologized for the incident and explained that […]

Less than in a day after the Oracle developers corrected a dangerous gap in Java allowing far off to compromise target system on the basis of Windows OS, at underground Internet forums started sales of exploit for the next vulnerability of zero day in this platform. According KrebsOnSecurity, one of the administrators of the hacker’s […]

Developers Blackhole and Nuclear Pack said that the exploit is a ‘New Year present’ for their clients. Hackers who are the authors of such sets exploits as Blackhole and Nuclear Pack, claim that they had added a new exploit, an attacker previously unknown and is not currently vulnerability in Java. Thus, on 9 January, the […]

In the web there are first reports of web-servers affected by hackers. Since the disclosure of the critical gaps in the framework, Ruby on Rails web appeared not only exploits using this vulnerability, but the first reports of compromised with it web-servers. To date, the Metasploit module has appeared appropriate. Note that this gap is […]

Attackers compromised a database with email-addresses and passwords hashes wiki. Information Security Debian project provided a detailed report on the audit of hacking site, after the administration announced the discovery of a resource leak user data. So at the end of last week, a resource guide reported finding traces of unloading a database of […]