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Firewalls are the first line of security for your company network. Firewalls monitor and filter incoming and outgoing traffic. Missing or interrupted firewall services could mean breaches, viruses, and more. To ensure the safety of your infrastructure, it’s important to install and maintain your firewalls. Here are five tips for effective firewall protection.

Firewalls protect the gateway to your network and to your data and applications, and maintaining threat protection is essential. The problem is that firewalls are pretty stupid – they are like a security guard on the door of a club, allowing in only those guests who are on the list and rejecting anyone who Is […]

McAfee Launches NGFW 5.8 for Enterprises to Effectively Fight Cybercrime. McAfee Next generation firewall empowers enterprises to more effectively fight cybercrime with expanded threat defense ecosystem. On Oct. 15, McAfee, part of Intel Security, announced the latest release of McAfee Next Generation Firewall 5.8 with important new integrations with the McAfee Security Connected framework to […]

As always, we wanted to make sure to keep you in the loop on all current McAfee happenings, especially as it relates to their commitment to enterprise security and NGFW. As technology has changed the way businesses operate, IT departments have been forced to adapt to what is often a faster-paced and more decentralized approach. […]

With the rapid growth in Internet usage, equating to approximately 2.5 billion users, network threats are on the rise. Traditional firewalls and unified threat management (UTM) products can no longer withstand various malicious threats on applications and files. So how does the technology industry intend on protecting our computers in the future? How firewalls work […]

The Sphirewall team is pleased to announce yesterday the release Sphirewall, the open source specialized system for the organization of the routers and firewalls, providing flexible tools for analyzing traffic patterns and monitoring of users’ work. The project is developing a set of modules and associated web-based interface for easy configuration and monitoring, which […]

Windows Firewall Control 4.0 – utility to configure the Windows Firewall BiniSoft’s Developers reported availability of a new version of the product Windows Firewall Control 4.0. This small application is designed for quick setup integrated firewall Windows without having to open multiple windows operating system. For example, Windows Firewall Control enables one-touch button to switch […]

UserGate Proxy Firewall – UTM solution to provide comprehensive network security, control general access to the Internet and run Web applications, create and maintain VPN-connections, filter unwanted and dangerous resources, control the width of the channel and to create virtual networks. The first version of the sixth generation of the product was released in November […]

Vulnerability: Denial of Service McAfee Firewall Enterprise Danger: Middle Patch: Yes Number of vulnerabilities: 1 CVE ID: CVE-2012-4244 Impact: Denial of service Affected Products: McAfee Firewall Enterprise 8.x, Sidewinder Firewall 7.x Affected versions: McAfee Firewall Enterprise 8.x, perhaps the only one. Sidewinder Firewall 7.x, possibly other versions.

Vulnerability: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Cisco Firewall Services Module Danger: High Patch: Yes Number of vulnerabilities: 3 CVE ID: CVE-2012-4661 CVE-2012-4662 CVE-2012-4663 Impact: Denial of service, System Compromise Affected Products: Cisco Firewall Services Module (FWSM) 4.x Affected versions: Cisco Firewall Services Module version to 4.1 (9)