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Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows ensures reliable protection from viruses, rootkits, spyware, adware, hacking tools, programs, dialers and joke programs. Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows filters email traffic, detects and removes malicious code that monitors the file system. Dr.Web for Windows regularly updates the list of viruses. Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows provides: – Detection and neutralization of malware on […]

 eScan – how to protect a PC against hacker attacks via unpatched vulnerabilities Oracle Java Recall, August 27, 2012 the company FireEye researchers reported in his blog about the dangerous gaps in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.7 – runtime Java. Vulnerabilities, the current platforms Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, was given the […]

Janet Napolitano of the Representative office, said that a number of major U.S. financial institutions are actively tried discredit. According to a leader of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) U.S. Secretary Janet Napolitano, over the past few days by unknown hackers are actively trying to discredit a number of major financial institutions in the […]

The network software is the most vulnerable, because the communication channel through which messages are transmitted, most often not protected, and anyone who may have access to the channel, respectively, can intercept messages and send your own. Therefore, at the level of the ACT, the following hacks: – listening to the local network segment (within […]

Protect the operating system, as opposed to DBMS, it is much more difficult. The fact that the internal structure of modern operating systems are extremely complex, and therefore compliance with the adequate security policy is a much more difficult task. Among the people are of the opinion that the most effective attacks on operating Systems […]

Golden ticket attacks first became popular in 2014 when the vulnerability was discovered and publicized within the Kerberos system. And though those with the Kerberos system were known to be vulnerable, the type of exploit could be seen on other platforms as well. It’s important to take measures to protect your business from these types […]

Never before has a movie achieved more international attention, and it never even hit the screen. White House spokesman Josh Earnest called the cyber attack at Sony, or the “Sony hack,” as it been named,  a destructive attack exposing serious security measures. To Hollywood and the rest of the country, it was a total surprise […]

The Botnet infected Linux-servers which used a vulnerable version of Apache Tomcat, Apache Struts and Elasticsearch. Experts of Akamai-Prolexic discovered a botnet known as IptabLes and IptabLex. It was used to carry out DDoS-attacks on the DNS-servers and other objects of the network infrastructure. Victims of botnet became misconfigured Linux-servers. According to experts, in the […]

For every bad hacker there’s a good one. Here we look at six white hat hackers who have contributed to security advances. Despite gaining a less than desirable reputation, hacking has not always been the tool of evil. White hat hackers – those technological boffins who use their skills to help others to improve their […]

If you can do a number of things, the need for a huge number of IT professionals is not required to prevent hackers from taking over your online banking system. Essentially, small businesses find online banking very convenient and easy while at the same time very vulnerable to cyber criminal targets. Lots of small businesses […]