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Nowadays, information security has become the backbone of many business operations. Information security is actually a combination of complex system, made by combining various critical elements like softwares, hardware, and protocols to protect theft of confidential information about the various business operations. Today, information storage, fetching, and transit has become the major operation for most […]

A critical vulnerability in Google allows access to the Google’s production servers A Team of researchers discovered a critical XML External Entity (XXE) vulnerability on Google server that allows users to customize their toolbars with new buttons by uploading XML files containing layout properties. Sounds ridiculous but has been proven by the security researchers from […]

In the implementation of the Linux kernel x32 ABI found serious vulnerability The critical vulnerability (CVE-2014 – 0038) has been detected in the Linux kernel. The vulnerability allows local users to elevate their privileges in the system and execute code with kernel privileges. The problem occurs only when compiling the kernel with support for x32 […]

This article aims at explaining the structuring, functioning and features of an ISOC. Overview: We conduct our business knowing that our network is safe and secure. We assume that the security service provided on our network is good enough to prevent identity theft and our security service provider will take care of data loss prevention. […]

Information Security

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Articles

What is information security A common mistake many companies nowadays is the overestimation or underestimation of the possible threats to information security. Usually, information security measures are ad hoc, in the hope that it will be enough. Or some companies trust of an information security system administrator or another employee, no less dangerous. The modern […]

Every day, numbers users of mobile platforms is increasing. Most recently, Google celebrated the activation of the 500 millionth device platform Android, Apple by the numbers a little bit behind – 365 million devices. But you must agree that the numbers and dynamics of development is impressive. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly part of our […]

The company “Doctor Web” – Russian developer of IT security solutions branded Dr.Web. Strategic objective is to create the best anti-virus tools that meet all current requirements for this class of programs, and the development of new technological solutions that enable users to meet head-on any type of computer threats. Date of the founding of […]

As strange as it may sound, business security is far less a matter of technology and far more a matter of training than anything else. No technology can benefit its user if that person hasn’t been trained to employ it effectively. This is doubly true in business security, because it is rarely enough to know […]

Secure servers are essential to doing business today, even for small companies. Whether you’re powering websites, storing data, using services of companies like Phoenix Internet, or providing user applications, determined hackers or indiscriminate malware can bring your business to a crashing halt, and even end it altogether. Preventing unauthorized access should be at the top […]

Running a business is an inherently risky venture. However, there are far more risks to businesses today than things like market forces and stiff competition. Many of these threats can be completely unexpected and can strike at any time. Curbing the danger posed by things like burglars, hackers and malware requires making investments in technology. […]