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Symantec reported the detection of new threats in the Android app store. Service Symantec Security Response has found 14 applications that allow attackers without the user’s direct requests from the device to external resources. Symantec Security Response has detected 14 malicious applications published by the same developer. These applications make the request with the user’s […]

Lookout Security and Antivirus • This type of app protects an individual’s phone from getting viruses. This is because most individuals get to share videos, songs, and games among others, which are all downloaded from the internet. Ensuring that the phone is installed with this app goes on to curb the virus menace. • It […]

Safer Networking Company announced the release of the second technical update for Spybot 2.1 (SR2), the popular solutions to remove the malware. Spybot 2.1 SR2 – better performance, smoother installation.  The program is presented in two versions: a free personal edition, concentrating on the protection against spyware and various commercial version offering enhanced virus protection […]

Specialists in viruses from Kaspersky Lab discovered and described the unusual malicious applications to Android, which for some time have been published in the official store Play Market. As it turned out, those applications that fall under the definition of viruses that try to compromise Windows-machine by turning the microphone on your PC without your […]

Keyloggers – are applications that monitor keyboard keystrokes and sends this information to a malicious user. This can be done by mail or by sending directly to a server located anywhere in the global network. This information can then be used to collect email or other details from unsuspecting users, and perhaps even to obtain […]

Tokyo police detained a group of cyber criminals who have deployed the largest-ever campaign for stealing personal data of users of digital devices. As  the Japanese media reported, Tokyo police arrested five people on suspicion of distributing malicious applications for devices based on Android, with which attackers compromised the personal data of more than 10 […]

Analysts McAfee Labs reports record increase in the rate of propagation of malicious software over the past 4 years. McAfee has published a regular review of security threats McAfee Threats Report: Second Quarter 2012. Analysts McAfee Labs reports record increase in the rate of propagation of malicious software over the past 4 years. In the […]

According to Kaspersky Lab’s analysis report, in 2013, the number of malware for Android has reached its absolute peak. In late January 2014 in the Google Play experts found 200 thousand unique samples of malicious software for mobile platforms. For the Android platform, there are over 10 million malicious applications, noted Kaspersky Lab experts, in […]

McAfee Labs today published its quarterly report on the latest threat tendencies – review the details to get a generous portion of statistics and nutty facts. Traditionally, a ‘cold’ summer period, characterized by a relatively poor cybercriminal activity, is nine times out of ten followed by a fall’s wave of devastation that brings new forms […]

Do I need antivirus for android? Android phones have leaped to new heights in the phone business, and cover a majority of the mobile market share. Anti-virus software for android has also drawn some attention with the increased number of mobile phones. Whether Android phones genuinely need anti-virus, a debate is on. There is a […]