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Symantec reported the detection of new threats in the Android app store. Service Symantec Security Response has found 14 applications that allow attackers without the user’s direct requests from the device to external resources. Symantec Security Response has detected 14 malicious applications published by the same developer. These applications make the request with the user’s […]

The company “Doctor Web” alerts the user about a wide distribution of 22 October 2012 of malicious spam allegedly from the popular online store These letters contain the offer to load the license for Microsoft Windows, however, following the link, the user catches at once two harmful programs (Trojan.Necurs.97 and BackDoor.Andromeda.22) which are ready […]

Test lab AV-Comparatives has published the results of comparative testing of 20 antivirus products for detection of malware and false positives. The test used the 240,859 malware samples. Participate in a comparative test AV-Comparatives is limited: no more than 20 internationally renowned antivirus vendors have agreed to participate in a series of public tests of […]

Analysts McAfee Labs reports record increase in the rate of propagation of malicious software over the past 4 years. McAfee has published a regular review of security threats McAfee Threats Report: Second Quarter 2012. Analysts McAfee Labs reports record increase in the rate of propagation of malicious software over the past 4 years. In the […]

Experts: Wiper virus may be associated with the programs of Flame, Stuxnet and Duqu According to researchers, the viruses are written on one platform and contain identical ingredients. As experts “Kaspersky Lab”, discovered in April, malicious code Wiper has much in common with viruses Flame, Stuxnet and Duqu. According to the latest experts “Kaspersky Lab”, […]

Anytime you connect to the internet or do something online, you risk exposing your computer to viruses and malware. These malicious programs are often undetectable without special software. Many do not harm your computer in any noticeable way, but they can steal personal information and files or cause other problems. Most internet users today are […]

The Internet makes it easier for people to do business. However, the Internet can be a dangerous place. It is easy for people to get access to your business’s information if you are on the Internet. There are many ways that you can keep your business safe online. Below is a list of ways that […]

We continue our series of articles on COMPUTER security. Today we offer the second part of the article “Physical Access to a Computer and Data”. Here’s the first part of the article This part of the article describes following questions of the computer security: Limited Access to Programs PROHIBITION ON USE OF USB AND DVD-drives […]

Cyber Security: Hot Weekly News – September 19, 2014 #1. Virus Citadel has become an instrument for making targeted attacks Banking Trojan got a number of new features and is currently used in the attacks on the Middle East petrochemical companies. Hackers who commit targeted attacks, began to use an improved version of the malware […]

According to Kaspersky Lab’s analysis report, in 2013, the number of malware for Android has reached its absolute peak. In late January 2014 in the Google Play experts found 200 thousand unique samples of malicious software for mobile platforms. For the Android platform, there are over 10 million malicious applications, noted Kaspersky Lab experts, in […]