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Malware is one of those things that can sneak imperceptibly onto your computer, but the results can be catastrophic. According to a report on cybersecurity, malware has infected nearly 20 percent of enterprise computers. One of the biggest reasons for infiltration is poor password security, and many enterprise companies allow contractors and third-party vendors direct […]

Clones and compromised legitimate apps are a concern for mobile users Cybercriminals continue to attack mobile phones through new and devious tactics, using both malicious clones and legitimate apps as bait. We’ve stepped into the technologically advanced future that we grew up hearing about for quite some time now and so far it has been […]

According to Kaspersky Lab’s analysis report, in 2013, the number of malware for Android has reached its absolute peak. In late January 2014 in the Google Play experts found 200 thousand unique samples of malicious software for mobile platforms. For the Android platform, there are over 10 million malicious applications, noted Kaspersky Lab experts, in […]

Internet security is of the utmost importance for website maintenance in 2014. People are blogging now more than ever, so if your site uses a common CMS platform like WordPress or Joomla, you may be even more vulnerable to hacking attempts. Luckily, there are a variety of free website security tools available that can help […]

The Internet is filled with malicious software. You may think that it’s confined only to low quality websites or places where the webmasters aren’t so keen about checking user-submitted content, but it’s actually possible for malware to be hosted on any website. That gives hackers 700 million different websites through which they could deliver malware […]

They keep getting more devious every year – and yet more subtle and creative. We’re talking about Malware Scams, and this article will round up the worse of the worst that surfaced this year. And you’ll be surprised to learn that most commonly, it’s you who unwittingly lets the devil into your computer. Yes, getting […]

Sophisticated malicious software by cybercriminals designed to silently steal banking credentials from victimized systems has been swimming the World Wide Web since 2002. However, it recorded its highest infections in the past three months. According to a new report from Trend Micro, they recorded over 200,000 new infections from July through September which is the […]

The 5 Best Malware Removal Programs For You And Your Business Or Personal Computer. Malware and viruses are known to disable computers and other electronic devices. Finding out what are the top five malware removal programs will be a relief for most users. If you have ever watched your computer crash from entering an infected […]

Malware is becoming an increasingly difficult issue to tackle for the Android operating system, but there are still ways that Android users can protect themselves. Many of the malware issues that are plaguing Android are fairly easy to detect and avoid, provided that you know what they are looking for. 1. Fake Utilities There are […]

Anti-virus experts are warning about a surge of activity the malware FileCoder. IT security company Eset reported about a rapid increase in activity a dangerous Trojan FileCoder, which encrypts your personal data files in order to extort money from the transcript. Most of the victims are Russian users. Experts have recorded an unusual burst of […]