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Cloud-based services, aka services that store your information on a server as opposed to your own hard drive, have been embraced by individuals and business users alike. Everything from banking apps, email and even social media accounts are now all accessible via the Cloud on multiple devices with nothing more than an internet connection, which […]

Free tool KeePass 2 Portable: free open source password manager Almost no one escapes from the hacker, who goes on the hunt for passwords. To avoid trouble will be possible only to those who keeps their passwords on a flash drive in encrypted form. Many firms have been victims of hackers who stole millions of […]

HID Global Corporation company┬áhas announced that it has received a number of patents from the Registrar of Patents and Trademarks U.S. for innovative solutions that use three-dimensional (3D) motion to increase the security of access control when working with RFID-devices – smart cards and NFC-smartphones. The latest invention allows for the management of RFID-devices use […]

Google has warned its customers about the need to use different passwords for different services, strive to make your passwords as complicated and in any case not to give access to information to outsiders. Do not forget about the possibility of a painless password recovery, just in case, in case you forget it. Researchers believe […]


Posted: March 4, 2013 in Articles
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The reliable password – guarantee of safety on the Internet. To create it to follow a few simple rules, but surprisingly many ignore them, and the triple world’s most popular passwords looks like: “password”, “monkey” and “123456”. Why passwords are important?

Passware Kit 12.3 – recovering all kinds of lost or forgotten passwords with hardware acceleration. Company Passware, which specializes in tools for password recovery, has released a new version of its flagship product, Passware Kit 12.3 for forensic and other tasks. This version supports password recovery for the first time to the popular web-services from […]

The competition Password Hashing Competition (PHC) an attempt to identify new password hashing schemes to encourage engagement of reliable schemes for protecting passwords. The current state of password protection is assessed as unacceptable – web-services often store user passwords in clear text or use unreliable methods of hashing, such as MD5 or SHA-1, for which […]

In the course of work botnets and bank trojans there is a collecting a large number of passwords. Usually only registration data from financial services, such as online banking are interesting to malefactors. What to do with other information, not to vanish it. The known researcher in the field of IT safety Brian Krebs learned, […]

Researchers from the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki opened a breach in security, based on the features of the computer’s memory that can be used to gather passwords and other sensitive data, even if the PC is turned off. Christos Georgiadis and colleagues explained how their discovery could be used by experts in forensic science […]

The company Splash Data analyzed publicly available user data leakage and made Top-25 most common user passwords. Conclusion of funny and disturbing at the same time: in spite of warnings, users still continue to use very simple passwords, such as password, 123456 or 12345678. In Splash Data say that to rank the most popular passwords […]