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Keeping information safe from hackers has always been a priority in the corporate world. But over the past several years, it has become increasingly more important for consumers to use caution when storing personal data. Here are three things your systems should be well equipped with in preparation for cyber predators.

Free tool KeePass 2 Portable: free open source password manager Almost no one escapes from the hacker, who goes on the hunt for passwords. To avoid trouble will be possible only to those who keeps their passwords on a flash drive in encrypted form. Many firms have been victims of hackers who stole millions of […]


Posted: March 4, 2013 in Articles
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The reliable password – guarantee of safety on the Internet. To create it to follow a few simple rules, but surprisingly many ignore them, and the triple world’s most popular passwords looks like: “password”, “monkey” and “123456”. Why passwords are important?

Tags: Windows 8, vulnerability, authentication Administrator Windows 8 can reveal the passwords of other users. Company experts Password Recovery Software (PRS) have discovered a serious vulnerability in the new Windows 8 authentication mechanisms. It is about authentication methods through photographs and a PIN. Note that authentication with pictures in Windows 8 allows the user to […]

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. As the month comes to an end, has your business taken the necessary measures to protect itself against an attack? Each year, National Cyber Security Awareness Month serves as a reminder that businesses should have measures in place to protect against attacks. One malware attack can take an entire […]

When you are bored and you are just walking around the mall you immediately would take out your Wi–Fi compatible gadget and go online on a hot spot nearby. The only problem is that what you are doing is already a risk to your gadget. It has hidden risks that you should take seriously. Still […]

Technological advancements of today bring a lot of good aspects in terms of convenience and entertainment. However, it is not always the case. Privacy matters are questioned in lieu of these advancements, and I bet a few select celebrities can attest to that. In line with the latest gadgets and gizmos, it is important to […]

Parental Control Software for Mobile Phones With digital threats soaring to dangerous heights, parental controls have become an essential. When it comes to protecting your young ones from myriad dangers crawling across the cyber space, there is absolutely no room for compromise. Even the slightest bit of negligence on your part can leave your kids exposed […]

5 Tips for Protecting Gamers

Posted: August 28, 2017 in Articles

Everyone loves online gaming. It’s a fun and engaging hobby and it allows you to meet and play with people from all over the world. For some, it’s even more than this – some have turned gaming into a lucrative and productive business venture. However, going online and sometimes exchanging your private information isn’t without […]

Web surfing academy: staying on the safe side Internet is teeming with malware, viruses, and fraudulent schemes that pretty easily hook careless users. In this article we are focusing on the essential aspects of safe browsing – it’s a must-read for web surfing pioneers and a nice refresher for seasoned internet users.