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The situation is complicated by the fact that legitimate media increasingly rely on information that is published on social networks. Representatives of the company Cisco warn users about fake news, which often spread through social networks. Often spread false information that are passed off as genuine, so crooks manipulate information, which is published in the […]

Above is an old photo of the 7 year old daughter of Amanda Rieth who at the time was battling Stage IV neuroblastoma, this beautiful little girl is now 13 and has shown no signs of the cancer since 2007. But this photo is still circulating around social networks without the Rieth family’s consent and […]

Every year the information security threats are becoming more difficult to detect. 2011 for most businesses was a year of awareness of the seriousness of issues related to information security, as many well-known organizations have experienced hacking of information systems and information leakage. During 2012, we can see that there are new types of malicious […]

We continue our series of articles on COMPUTER security. Today we offer the second part of the article “Physical Access to a Computer and Data”. Here’s the first part of the article This part of the article describes following questions of the computer security: Limited Access to Programs PROHIBITION ON USE OF USB AND DVD-drives […]

Most smartphones these days have a camera as standard and they are becoming more and more advanced to compete with digital cameras. It also makes it much easier to share your photos and information via social networks instantly, as they can be uploaded directly from your phone. Newer digital cameras are now being developed to […]

Anti-virus company Eset has updated personal solutions ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET NOD32 Smart Security to the seventh version. The company said that one of the most common ways to infect users is the use of exploits – cracking programs that penetrate to the device through vulnerabilities in applications or operating system and open the […]

When you are bored and you are just walking around the mall you immediately would take out your Wi–Fi compatible gadget and go online on a hot spot nearby. The only problem is that what you are doing is already a risk to your gadget. It has hidden risks that you should take seriously. Still […]

There were at least 72,758 unique phishing attacks worldwide (APWG: Global Phishing Survey, published 18 September 2013) In January – June 2013 Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) has registered just over 72.7 million phishing web sites, whereas in the previous six months was found 123.5 thousands of such resources. Fake sites were found in 53.7 million […]

Symantec experts have found 469 new vulnerabilities, which is 13 % higher than in August 2012. Symantec has introduced a virus activity report for August 2013. Experts analyzed the level of spam, the most common scams on social networks, the number of malicious programs for mobile devices, and phishing attacks. The authors of the study […]

Looking for an efficient, high speed, and uncomplicated free antivirus tool? Despite the existence of a large number of free antivirus software, the new version of Avira Free Antivirus continues to impress with its innovative technology, speed and convenience. (Avira Free Antivirus is Complete Malware Protection with Windows® 8 Compatible) Major changes were made ​​to […]