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Penetration Testing

Dear visitors! Today we present to your attention overviews of a software (programs and tools) for hacking, security analysis and penetration testing: Portable Reverse Engineering Framework, UPnP Pentest Toolkit, OLE/COM viewer and inspector, and Pinpoint tool.

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AVG LOGOAVG Internet Security 2015 available with New Interface and Outbreak Detection Features

AVG Technologies has updated its line of products, including integrated anti-virus AVG Internet Security 2015. Developers have improved the basic anti-virus engine and its accuracy, added a new method of cloud detection Outbreak Detection

AVG has continued to deliver advanced anti-virus protection with the launch of a new version of an integrated antivirus AVG Internet Security 2015. (more…)

AVG LOGONew version of the  free antivirus – AVG AntiVirus FREE 2015 received an updated interface and cloud technology Outbreak Detection to protect against the latest “zero-day” threats.

AVG AntiVirus FREE 2015 – free antivirus, which goes beyond the simple detection and removal of viruses on your computer by blocking infected links when you visit web sites on the Internet, and to help protect your personal information.

In the 2015 version the developers have improved the basic anti-virus engine and the accuracy of detection, added a new method of cloud detection and to provide an updated, easier-to-use interface. (more…)

Malware RemovalThe 5 Best Malware Removal Programs For You And Your Business Or Personal Computer.

Malware and viruses are known to disable computers and other electronic devices. Finding out what are the top five malware removal programs will be a relief for most users. If you have ever watched your computer crash from entering an infected site, you understand the need for good malware. Computer protection software from viruses, rooks and malware is critical if you operate on the Web. What are the top five malware removal programs? Many who have had the misfortune of encountering these inconveniencing viruses have asked this question. Well, now your question is solved. Here are the top five-malware removal programs. (more…)

ESET LogoAnti-virus company Eset has updated personal solutions ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET NOD32 Smart Security to the seventh version.

The company said that one of the most common ways to infect users is the use of exploits – cracking programs that penetrate to the device through vulnerabilities in applications or operating system and open the way for other malware. The new module protection against exploits, which is part of the updated solutions that protects the system from the screen blockers, cracking programs and programs for extortion designed to steal personal user data.

In the updated version of the product has also been added the module Advanced scanning of memory, which can detect sophisticated malicious programs that use the technology of multi-level encryption to hide their activity. Faster scanning is achieved by creating a “white list” of safe files generated on the basis of reputation data files. (more…)

Wi-Fi NetworkWhen you are bored and you are just walking around the mall you immediately would take out your Wi–Fi compatible gadget and go online on a hot spot nearby. The only problem is that what you are doing is already a risk to your gadget. It has hidden risks that you should take seriously.

Still more than a third of such users will still do their internet surfing without having the security action that they have to do while logging on to a Wi–Fi  public hot spot. This is info from the Kaspersky Consumer Security Risks survey which was done by the B2B International and Kaspersky Lab in the summer of 2013.

It is so easy to go online these days. It is not limited to cell networks anymore and also with broadband cable communication networks. You can connect with a public Wi – Fi hot spot that would allow to connect a number of computers and mobile gadgets to the web. (more…)

Symantec CorpThe program Norton Studio is now available for free in the app store Microsoft Store ‘s new operating system Windows 8.

The program Norton Studio created and tailored specifically to the interface of Windows 8. The solution enables users to centrally manage Norton antiviruses, installed on different computers and devices, and view information related to the security system.

The application allows users to monitor Norton AntiVirus 2013, Norton Internet Security 2013, Norton 360 2013, Norton Mobile Security for Android and other products Norton, which can be installed on computers and mobile devices. (more…)

Sphirewall firewall

The Sphirewall team is pleased to announce yesterday the release Sphirewall, the open source specialized system for the organization of the routers and firewalls, providing flexible tools for analyzing traffic patterns and monitoring of users’ work.

The project is developing a set of modules and associated web-based interface for easy configuration and monitoring, which is very flexible and versatile, making it possible to adapt it for a variety of packet filters and system components. Available for download as iso-image with a ready to deploy the system and the set of packages to be installed in the Debian GNU / Linux. The achievements of the project released under the GPLv3. (more…)

ESET LogoEset antivirus company announced the release of the beta version of ESET Rootkit Detector – rootkit detection applications aimed to users Apple Mac OS X. Rootkit – a program whose purpose is to disguise another malicious program or activity of cybercriminals in the system.

Although most rootkits are designed for Windows, but for the last year experts have found a number of rootkits platform for Mac OS X. The most active among them is the rootkit OSX / Morcut (also known as Crisis), aimed at stealing confidential information of users. In this context, we developed an application for users of Mac OS X, which detects rootkits, malicious activity on the system. (more…)

Ashampoo Antivirus 2014 logoGerman software company Ashampoo has announced the release of latest version of Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 – a full-featured anti-virus tool which combines the Emsisoft and Bitdefender engines to effective online protection.

In addition to the basic features – security, real-time, on-demand scanning, behavior monitoring, security, browser, etc., – Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 offers users a set of bonus tools. Among them run control programs, secure file deletion, viewing layers Winsock, searching suspicious Alternate Data Streams NTFS, check HOSTS file and erase traces of web-activity in the popular browsers.

All new and existing features of antivirus Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 are organized in an easy and intuitive interface. Large buttons provide easy access to the main functions of the program. Users can couple of mouse clicks to run a scan, include one or more additional utilities. In addition, the interface allows you to change the style of his design with a theme Dark. (more…)