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mcafeeMcAfee Launches NGFW 5.8 for Enterprises to Effectively Fight Cybercrime.

McAfee Next generation firewall empowers enterprises to more effectively fight cybercrime with expanded threat defense ecosystem.

On Oct. 15, McAfee, part of Intel Security, announced the latest release of McAfee Next Generation Firewall 5.8 with important new integrations with the McAfee Security Connected framework to provide customers with layered protection against the latest threats and evasions, along with improved workflows and operational efficiencies.

McAfee’s Security Connected threat ecosystem enables rapid sharing of extensive real-time threat information, empowering organizations to fight cybercrime with the latest global and local threat knowledge. Security Connected enables McAfee Next Generation Firewall to leverage threat information from a wide variety of third party sources, as well as other McAfee security solutions. (more…)

McAfee logoAs always, we wanted to make sure to keep you in the loop on all current McAfee happenings, especially as it relates to their commitment to enterprise security and NGFW.

As technology has changed the way businesses operate, IT departments have been forced to adapt to what is often a faster-paced and more decentralized approach. Employees expect instant access to corporate resources, no matter where they are in the world or what device they are using. Datacenters continue to become more virtualized, but the majority of datacenters remain a mix of physical and virtual resources. (more…)

ESET LogoESET is known as an international developer of antivirus software.

In addition it owns a number of decisions in the field of computer security technology for both corporate and home users. The company was founded in 1992 and since then its development has led to the fact that it is presented is more than 160 countries on all continents.

ESET company offers solutions in the field of information security protection for home PC users, and servers and workstations of companies of all sizes.

ESET is a pioneer in the field of heuristic threat detection that can detect and neutralize both known and unknown viruses and malware. ESET can be called a pioneer in regard to the creation of heuristics to detect threats. These methods can effectively detect and eventually neutralize all the known, and entirely new software that can harm your computer. All family of products ESET NOD32 uses proprietary technology ThreatSense ™, this allows for unmatched detection and removal of malware. (more…)

GFI Software Ltd logoThe company GFI Software Ltd – a leading software developer that provides a complete solution for network security, content security and communications.

Using leading technology, an aggressive strategy to evaluate and focusing on small and medium businesses, the company is able to ensure the smooth operation and high performance companies in the world.

GFI Software is a developer of Web & Mail security, Networking & Security and Archiving & Fax computer software founded in 1992. The company GFI today has offices in Malta, London, Raleigh, Hong Kong, Adelaide, Hamburg and Cyprus which support more than 200 thousand installations around the world. GFI company focused on the channels and has more than 10,000 partners worldwide. The company also has the status of GFI Partner Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Its products include software for filtering spam and viruses from e-mail as well as for monitoring and scanning networks for security purposes. (more…)

BitDefender LogoBitDefender – company specializing in the development of a set of software for virus protection and information security.

Under the brand BitDefender released two lines of software products for personal and corporate use. It was launched in November 2001,and is currently in its 15th build version. The 2013 version was launched in 25 June 2012. 11.22.2012 The company introduced a new version of Bitdefender product Bitdefender Windows 8 Security, which the developers themselves, without false modesty is called “the first Antivirus for Windows 8.” The current version of the Home/Home Office security suite includes antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall, e-mail spam filtering, backup, tune-up and parental control components.  PC Tuneup and Performance Optimizer are available in the Total Security Suite.

Users in over 100 countries use anti-virus solutions BitDefender, distributed through a worldwide distribution network. Clients of the company – it’s home and business users, which are now about 41 million. Industry-leading solutions are licensed BitDefender other antivirus companies, which create the basis for their own products. The total number of users whose computers are protected by anti-virus kernel BitDefender, exceeds 390 million. This is no accident. Founded in 2001, the company brings together experts in the field of information security and stability raises the bar by introducing new standards in proactive protection against computer threats. (more…)

Panda Security logoPanda Security – this is one of the world leaders developers in IT-security solutions.

Vendor products are translated into 23 languages ​​and used by millions of customers in more than 200 countries. Panda Software IT-effectively protect customers from the consequences of the resources that may be caused by the actions of viruses, intruders and other Internet threats.

The company was founded in Spain in 1990. In five years Panda Security has become a leader in the antivirus market in Spain, and in 1996 began its international expansion. To date, the company has sales offices in 56 countries.

Panda Security proposes a new security model, specially designed to deal with new types of cyber crime. In this model, implemented efficient technologies and products with a high ability to detect threats. The company has several product lines for home and business users: software, security appliances and managed security services. The vendor is also the creator of the first antivirus Panda Cloud Antivirus, allows deployment of protection from the cloud. (more…)

Kaspersky Lab logoThe company “Kaspersky Lab” is a leading developer of secure against all types of Internet threats – viruses, spam, hackers, etc.

Kaspersky Lab (play /kæˈspɜrski/; Russian: Лаборатория Касперского, Laboratoriya Kasperskogo) is a Russian multi-national computer security company, co-founded by Natalia Kaspersky and Eugene Kaspersky in 1997.

The company has been among the four world leaders in the field of software for information security end-users and with offices in more than 100 countries.

Software “Kaspersky Lab” includes a wide range of solutions for secure protection of workstations, file and web-servers, mail gateways, firewalls, and handheld computers from external and internal threats. This takes into account the needs of all types of customers, from home users to large corporations. Clients “Kaspersky Lab” – is more than 300 million users worldwide. (more…)

Adobe LogoThe company Adobe Systems Inc. – The world’s leading developer of software products for any kind of data, including text information, graphics, video, and web-content. The company was founded in 1982, is headquartered in San Jose, California, US.

Adobe has a wide range of recognized industry solutions – software Adobe claimed millions of people around the world. Over 90% of professionals in design using desktop bitmap editor Adobe Photoshop in their everyday work. Adobe Illustrator vector graphics editor and layout program Adobe InDesign tools complement prepress professionals and designers. More than 90% of computers worldwide has free Adobe Reader, and Flash Player. The most important achievement is the development of vendor-page description language PostScript used in desktop publishing, and the creation of Portable Document Format PDF, which is an open standard, ISO 32000. (more…)

McAfee logoThe company was founded in 1987 as McAfee Associates, named for its founder John McAfee and is now the largest developer of software and technology for network security and secure access.

Cloud services and software that help block McAfee Internet intrusion and implement protection of computer systems from online threats and virus attacks. McAfee products are focused on individual and corporate users.

Vendor solutions can operate as a stand-alone or integrated into a unified system of protection against malware, spyware, adware, viruses, and phishing tools with security management. McAfee customers receive professional level data collection and analysis, risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, and high operating efficiency.

Intelligent forecasting based McAfee Global Threat Intelligence enables businesses and consumers to proactively respond to new and unknown threats thanks to access to information collected by the sensors 100 million Internet threats. (more…)

Doctor WebThe company “Doctor Web” – Russian developer of IT security solutions branded Dr.Web. Strategic objective is to create the best anti-virus tools that meet all current requirements for this class of programs, and the development of new technological solutions that enable users to meet head-on any type of computer threats.

  • Date of the founding of the company “Doctor Web” – 2003
  • Start developing Anti Dr.Web -1992
  • The company’s founder, author of Anti Dr.Web – Igor Danilov

The strategic objective of the company, which focus the efforts of all employees, is to create the best anti-virus tools that meet all current requirements for this class of programs, and the development of new technological solutions that enable users to meet head-on all types of computer threats. (more…)