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Kaspersky Lab AV-ComparativesKaspersky Lab receives the highest award 2013 Product of the Year for the best performance in all tests conducted by AV-Comparatives!

At the end of every year, AV-Comparatives releases a summary report to comment on the various anti-virus products tested over the year, and to highlight the high-scoring products of the various tests. This report – looks at all the comparatives tests of 2013 with more than 9 different certifications, not only the latest ones. (more…)

Kaspersky Lab logoKaspersky Internet Security, successfully repelled all attacks is aimed at online banking systems in the course of specialized testing Online Banking / Browser Security Assessment Project, conducted in the second quarter of 2013.

The danger of attacks aimed at the users of payment systems and online banking, is that if successful, attackers abducted real money account holder, return that can be extremely rare. With the growing popularity of payment services and online banking and increased requirements for security solutions for home users. That’s why independent experts from MRG Effitas had a test to measure how well the popular protective products to cope with such attacks.

Banking Trojan Zeus is the most common type of financial malware. Zeus infects the user’s computer and lies in wait when he will enter the online system of the bank. Once this happens, the Trojan tries to steal accounts online banking passwords and other personal information. This summer, Zeus has set his sights on Facebook, showing how it can be developed to avoid detection and bypass existing security measures banks and vendors of security solutions. (more…)

Zero Science LabComparative penetration test against three web application firewall solutions.

Zero Science Lab published a comparative analysis of the safety of the three leading WAF-solutions.

According to experts, the highest attack rate lock was fixed with a free product ModSecurity.

Information security experts from the company Zero Science Lab published the results of the comparative penetration tests carried out in relation to the three” leading Web Application Firewall (WAF) solutions. (more…)

Panda Security logoAntivirus has received the highest rating from the independent laboratory, beating solutions Avira, AVG, Avast.

The company Panda Security, manufacturer of the ‘cloud’ security solutions and a leading provider of software protection against malicious software and viruses, today announced that the free version of Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition has received another rating Advanced + in recent independent tests conducted by laboratory AV-Comparatives. org. During testing, assess the possible thirteen antivirus to remove malware and treatment of a computer. However, only three solutions were able to reach the highest rate.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition was the only free antivirus solution that has received a rating of Advanced + (3 stars) in the test for the treatment of malware, showing better results than solutions from Avira (Rating Advanced – 2 stars), as well as AVG and Avast ( Rating Standard – 1 star).

This assessment is the result of technological improvements version 2.0: new, improved engine for treatment heuristics capabilities that allows you to fight as yet unknown malicious programs, and treatment options of the “cloud”, which effectively eliminates the traces of threats. (more…)

NSS LabsIndependent research firm NSS Labs has implemented testing four popular browsers (Apple Safari 5, Google Chrome 21, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and Mozilla Firefox 15) for resistance to phishing attacks and published a report of the test results.

The experts noted that significant progress in the results, compared to the same test conducted in 2009. For the past three years, the average detection of threats has increased from 46% to 92%, and the average blocking malicious links decreased from 16.43 hours to 4.87 hours.

Testing was conducted over 10 days in the real phishing URLs to which appeared on the Internet. Tests are run every 6 hours, each time updating of malicious links. A total of 37 test runs.

All four tested browser showed excellent results, but Chrome 21 could barely ahead of the competition, although the difference is in the area of ​​statistical error, which is 2 percentage points. (more…)

Windows Defender

Can block 85% of known threats

Built-in protection mechanisms implemented in the new operating system, Windows 8, able to withstand a wide range of threats, but they do not make your computer completely invulnerable and do not exclude the need for a separate anti-virus application. This is the conclusion of researchers from BitDefender in the course of the study.

The trials took part three test computer. On one of the machines was running Windows 7, and the other two PCs were running the latest Windows 8 (with Enabling and Disabling the Windows Defender). To conduct a comprehensive inspection used a set of samples of malicious code, including the latest versions of known viruses, “Trojan horses”, worms and “rootkits”.

In order to ensure the purity of the experiment procedure run malicious programs was fully automated, synchronized process experts also perform malicious code on all three computers. After each start attempt was carried out a thorough comparison of the lists of processes and the study of changes in the registry on each of the test systems. Next, the computer will return to its original “pure” state for their next stage of testing. (more…)


Virus Detected

Respected research firm NSS Labs conducted a study on the effectiveness of the most popular antivirus software.

As it turned out, of the 13 tested solutions only two products were able to block more than 80% of the known exploits. This is rather alarming result as antivirus vendors usually promise complete protection from known threats.

According to the results of comparative testing, package Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 blocked 92.2% of known threats, but the package Alwil Avast Pro Antivirus 7, which became the second most effective, managed to overcome a 81.9%. The third in this test was a package Symantec Norton Internet Security 19 (74.1%), fourth place went to package AVG Internet Security 2012 (73.3%), and the fifth – a package of ESET Smart Security 5 (70.7%). Then there are products such as Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 6 (69,8%), McAfee Internet Security 11 (65.5%) and Avira Internet Security 2012 (64.7%). (more…)

Kaspersky logoUpdated Kaspersky Anti-Virus has received the highest rating ADVANCED + on the test results, conducted by an independent laboratory AV-Comparatives in September 2012

Solution “Kaspersky Lab” Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 is designed to provide basic protection of users, found the vast majority of malware.

During testing specialists AV-Comparatives tested how well popular protective products detect malicious files in the standard test computer with access to the web. Kaspersky Anti-Virus updated participated in the test File Detection (detection files), along with 19 other antivirus solutions from leading manufacturers.

Every anti-virus product should have checked more than 240,000 malicious files. The level of threat detection, demonstrated Antivirus Kaspersky, was 99.2%. In addition, the decision to “Kaspersky Lab” committed a total of five false positives, while the average number of false positives in all the products tested was about 25. (more…)

AV-Comparatives logoTest lab AV-Comparatives has published the results of comparative testing of 20 antivirus products for detection of malware and false positives. The test used the 240,859 malware samples.

Participate in a comparative test AV-Comparatives is limited: no more than 20 internationally renowned antivirus vendors have agreed to participate in a series of public tests of 2012.

Tested antivirus

In September 2012 in the comparative testing to detect malware scan on demand was attended by the following antivirus software: (more…)