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Vulnerability1. IBM Business Process Manager 7.x

Danger: Low

Availability Corrections: Yes
Number of vulnerabilities: 1
CVSSv2 Rating: (AV: N / AC: M / Au: N / C: P / I: N / A: N / E: U / RL: O / RC: C) =
CVE ID: CVE-2014-3087

Vector operation: LAN (Local area network)
Impact: Disclosure of sensitive data

Affected Products: IBM Business Process Manager 7.x (more…)

Security NewsIntelligence Gap: How a Chinese National Gained Access to Arizona’s Terror Center

The un-vetted computer engineer plugged into law enforcement networks and a database of 5 million Arizona drivers in a possible breach that was kept secret for years.

For five months in 2007, the Chinese national and computer programmer opened his laptop and enjoyed access to a wide range of sensitive information, including the Arizona driver’s license database, other law enforcement databases, and potentially a roster of intelligence analysts and investigators … (more…)

Panda Security logoPanda Security has released a new version of Panda Cloud Systems Management

The Panda Security, company announces a new version of Panda Cloud Systems Management (PCSM) – full-featured solutions for remote management, monitoring and support of all types of IT-devices in your organization.

This solution enables IT-administrators to fully implement the control and protection of business processes within companies while simplifying the management of incidents and optimizing support.

Advantage of the latest new Panda Cloud Systems Management is ticketing system that allows end users to quickly request remote support. In addition, administrators can manage the load of technical experts, as well as prioritize. (more…)

McAfee logoMcAfee Security Innovations technology guards your Android-devices

The company McAfee, well-known manufacturer of anti-virus solutions and safety equipment, has introduced a new technology for Android-based platform – an application McAfee Security Innovations, which is a universal tool for data security of mobile devices.

The device has built-in “Smart perimeter”, which allows you to connect multiple Android devices via Wi-Fi. If the phones were drawn away to a distance of 30 meters due to lost or stolen phone, Audio alarm will sound at all connected to each other devices. Additional protection, built-in technology Security Innovations, a pin, locking the screen in case of violation of the perimeter. In addition, the solution has a built-in data storage and backup functions, and QR-code scanner checks the security of your network connection. (more…)

Amnesic Incognito Live System

Amnesic Incognito Live System

Release of Linux Tails0.18, theAmnesic Incognito Live System (Live CD, Live USB)

Presented release of a specialized Linux-distribution Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) 0.18, based on the Debian package base and designed to provide anonymous access to the network.

Distribution formed as Live-system enabling of the box to ensure the maximum level of security and anonymity. When booting from USB-drive mode is supported for saving user data between runs distribution. The size of the boot iso-image (torrent) 861 MB. (more…)

PhishingThis is the conclusion reached by the experts of the survey thousands of office workers.

According to the analysis published Aaron Higbee, Technical Director PhishMe, about 49% of users have a greater fear of becoming a victim of phishing, while working at a computer at home, rather than for the workers.

According to him, in the course of the survey, participants were employees of various offices of British companies (about one thousand), it was found that 27% of them have no idea what phishing. 78% of respondents who know what I mean, sure they never become a victim of this kind of attack.

At the same time, nearly 60% of office workers receive phishing emails daily, and 6% each day are more than 10 such messages. Interestingly, almost a third of respondents did not consider it necessary to inform employees of IT-department about such incidents. (more…)

Java DangerDevelopers Blackhole and Nuclear Pack said that the exploit is a ‘New Year present’ for their clients.

Hackers who are the authors of such sets exploits as Blackhole and Nuclear Pack, claim that they had added a new exploit, an attacker previously unknown and is not currently vulnerability in Java.

Thus, on 9 January, the developer Blackhole – hacker disguised under the pseudonym ‘Paunch’ – said on several underground forums that a zero-day vulnerability in Java is a ‘New Year gift’ to those who use it with a set of exploits. Soon, similar reports were received from the developers and distributors of Nuclear Pack. (more…)


Denial of service in hostapd

Vulnerability: Denial of service in hostapd

Danger: Low
Availability of fixes: Instructions to fixe
Number of vulnerabilities: 1

CVE ID: CVE-2012-4445
Vector operation: Local Network
Impact: Denial of service

Affected products: Hostapd 0.x, hostapd 1.x

Affected versions: hostapd 0.6, perhaps the only one.
hostapd 1.0, perhaps the only one.


The vulnerability can be exploited to cause a DoS attack. (more…)


Vulnerability in the Wi-Fi modules

In the two non-wireless Internet access production Broadcom found serious flaw that can cause denial of service.

Researchers CoreSecurity Andres Blanco discovered a serious vulnerability in two Wi-Fi-module, which provides wireless access to the Internet, which are installed in a number of modern smartphones.

According to Blanco, chips made by Broadcom Corporation contain unterminated hole that attackers can use to carry out DoS-attacks.

In the study, Blanco found the vulnerability CVE-2012-2619 is present in the chipset BCM4325 and BCM4329 and allows a remote user to DoS-attack, using the read error beyond the borders of the data.

According to experts, the affected products Broadcom BCM4325 completed a number of modern gadgets production of various companies, including Apple iPhone 3GS, Apple iPod 2G, HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC Droid Incredible, Samsung Spica, Acer Liquid, Motorola Devour, and the car Ford Edge. (more…)

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