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The website of Apple developers has been hacked The American company Apple was forced to disable a service for application developers because of a hacker attack, according to the company’s website. In a statement, the company stated that the attack on the site started last Thursday, and was likely to intruders personal information of registered […]

Perfect Paper Passwords – Protecting WordPress from Brute Force Attacks. High security multifactor authentication using a series of single-use “passcodes”. Perfect Paper Passwords is Plugin that implements an additional level of security at the entrance to the blog – individual password for each user. This password changes every time you log on, so pick it […]

Explorers of the site BBC, referring to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, reported the discovery of the largest to date mobile botnet, which includes more than a million smart phones belonging to the Chinese people. Used for the rapid spread of ‘Trojan’ application that unnoticed for smartphones and tablets during the installation of new programs. […]

McAfee introduced the technology Anti-Theft, co-developed with Intel to improve the security of mobile devices class Intel Ultrabook. Hardware and software technology will protect important user data from being stolen by the loss of the laptop, the developers say. As the study by Ponemon Institute in 2007, laptops are lost every 53 seconds. At U.S. […]

Network security iOS

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Articles
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In addition to the basic functions of protection and security features and data encryption, iOS devices provide a wide range of network security features to securely transmit data over the network to both individual and corporate users. For corporate users, it is important that they can access corporate data from anywhere in the world. No […]

Company McAfee, renowned manufacturer of defense against Internet threats, today announced a new version of McAfee All Access 2013. It is a popular cross-platform solution, aimed at the consumer market, ensures comprehensive protection of user data and system, provides security web-surfing, and also offers a built-in parental controls. With McAfee All Access, users can organize […]

When operating a business, you want to protect the integrity of it as much as possible. This is especially true for the sensitive information handled on computer networks, such as personal information about employees and clients. You need to make sure your network security is up to snuff and not vulnerable. Here are five network […]

Nowadays, information security has become the backbone of many business operations. Information security is actually a combination of complex system, made by combining various critical elements like softwares, hardware, and protocols to protect theft of confidential information about the various business operations. Today, information storage, fetching, and transit has become the major operation for most […]

Earlier this year, the Identity Theft Resource Center announced that the United States had a total of 1,093 reported data breaches in 2016, which was an increase of 40 percent from the previous year. Nearly one-third of these events, 377 incidents, occurred in the healthcare/medical industry. If you think these numbers are small, think again. […]

Think you are protected from hackers because you have the latest security program, including anti-malware and antivirus software? Think again. No matter how secure you think your computer or device is, all are vulnerable to hacker attacks. Every day, hackers are coming up more ways to steal personal information.