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Windows Defender in Windows 8 Virusovnet failed the test in October 2012, showing the level of detection when downloading malicious files from the Internet in 2.9% out of a possible 100% October 26, 2012 there was a new operating system Windows 8 from Mcirosoft, which is characterized by an increased level of security (for details […]

Symantec has announced a new version of Norton 360, Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus, passed certification for compatibility with the new operating system Windows 8. Norton AntiVirus application provides basic protection against viruses and malware. Users who have the need for better tools, look at the package Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security, which […]

Despite the efforts of Microsoft customize build mechanisms to counter cyber threats, to better protect the user needs antivirus. Experts in the field of information security is not very optimistic about took the news the update of security mechanisms in the operating system Windows 8 from Microsoft. Despite the appearance of the OS Product Windows […]

Trend Micro has announced the release of three new products and placing them in the official app store for the operating system Windows 8. In particular, Windows users will have access to a package of Trend Micro SafeGuard (especially secure browser), Trend Micro Go Everywhere (protection against theft or loss of the device) and Trend […]

According to the research center of “Positive Research”, found a vulnerability in the RTM-version of Microsoft Windows 8. In the security analysis of the new OS has been found the ability to bypass security technologies Intel SMEP. This class of vulnerabilities is considered the most dangerous, because the successful operation of the kernel-mode attacker gains […]

With the new generation of Intel architecture-based Ivy Bridge was presented a new hardware-based security. It’s called Intel SMEP.   It adds a headache when exploiting vulnerabilities kernel mode, Like bit NX, prevents code execution on the memory page. In turn, Microsoft has implemented support for SMEP in Windows 8, thereby making the OS more […]

Tags: Windows 8, vulnerability, authentication Administrator Windows 8 can reveal the passwords of other users. Company experts Password Recovery Software (PRS) have discovered a serious vulnerability in the new Windows 8 authentication mechanisms. It is about authentication methods through photographs and a PIN. Note that authentication with pictures in Windows 8 allows the user to […]

Tags: Windows 8, vulnerability, MBR Found in Windows 8 vulnerability allows an attacker to overwrite the boot system. Security researchers have discovered a security flaw in Windows 8, which lets you set the system rootkit. Italian consulting company ITSEC security flaw found after analyzing Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), which replaces the BIOS for Windows […]

New threats to Windows 8

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Articles

Nearing the start date of retail sales of the new operating system from Microsoft – Windows 8. And despite the fact that this version of Windows, like its predecessor, is designed based on the core NT, with its output of IT-industry expect significant changes. Of course, these changes will affect and information security: At least […]

0-Day vulnerability in Flash Player will not be fixed in Windows 8 to 26 October this year. Adobe has confirmed the information that the operating system Windows 8, which is currently in beta stage of development, is vulnerable to many known vulnerabilities in Flash. These vulnerabilities are not removed before the official release of the […]