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Seculert’s experts found specialized malware steals details of bank cards of sale terminals under Windows. The malware, named Dexter, is introduced into the system process iexplore.exe, providing it with a restart when disconnected by hand and prepare a list of active processes, each determines the available memory space, it reads in a local buffer, using […]

ESET antivirus company reported the detection of new malware Linux / Chapro.A, used by hackers to launch attacks on visitors to a site hosted on compromised Linux-servers. Feature of the Linux / Chapro.A is that malicious code is designed as a module for http-server Apache, substitution occurs exploit browsers iframe or JavaScript-blocks in traffic is […]

Cybercrime has become a source of considerable income even for the rank and file of shadow schemes, says consulting firm in the field of information security Fortinet. Senior security analyst in the division of FortiGuard Fortinet Derek Manky spent more than a year for tracking online communities in which virtual intruders are a set of […]

According to experts, cyber criminals target, at least 30 major U.S. banks. Antivirus company McAfee researchers found that cybercriminals are preparing a number of large-scale attacks against the United States, which would be implemented in the spring of next year. As it became known to the experts, the project named ‘Blitzkrieg’ should destabilize the system […]

Network security professionals from the company Rapid7 found, perhaps one of the first botnet that infected computers with connection management server was carried out with the help of technology TOR, providing anonymous access to the Internet. The discoverers of the botnet, known as Skynet, the artificial intelligence in the Terminator movies about, warned that as […]

Remote banking and electronic payments via the Internet has made our life more comfortable – banking operations can now be performed from any location equipped with Internet access, without visiting a bank office. However, we must constantly ask ourselves the question: how much of our equipment protected from the banking malware? A timely manner, we […]

Every year the information security threats are becoming more difficult to detect. 2011 for most businesses was a year of awareness of the seriousness of issues related to information security, as many well-known organizations have experienced hacking of information systems and information leakage. During 2012, we can see that there are new types of malicious […]

Group IB researchers discovered a vulnerability in Adobe Reader X and XI, which is actively exploited by hackers. Experts of Group IB discovered a vulnerability in Adobe Reader version X and XI, which is actively exploited by virus writers. This vulnerability allows a remote user to execute arbitrary code on the target system, for which […]

Experts warn of malicious mailing, operating general public interest for pre-election debates between the candidates for the U.S. presidency. Spam filters Websense weed out thousands of malicious emails disguised as a newsletter CNN. Their headline reads: “CNN Breaking News – Mitt Romney Almost President”. According to experts, all the buttons “Full story” in a fake […]

Analysis of the new Gameover configuration file, at the disposal of F-Secure, has shown that the operators of this Trojan opened the hunting season in the Italian system of online banking. The updated file spelled about a dozen of these systems, including local services Deutsche Bank, – the connection to which is to monitor the […]