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Surfing the web and playing around with a variety of fresh apps on your Windows OS is inevitably associated with security risks. With the growing number of vulnerabilities and sophisticated malicious tactics, each new install of an app from a non-proven resource or browsing in the depths of the web puts normal system functioning in […]

Malware is one of those things that can sneak imperceptibly onto your computer, but the results can be catastrophic. According to a report on cybersecurity, malware has infected nearly 20 percent of enterprise computers. One of the biggest reasons for infiltration is poor password security, and many enterprise companies allow contractors and third-party vendors direct […]

Security software should work well with your operating system, and it shouldn’t get in the way of your daily activities. Most browser hijackers aim to send you messages about shopping opportunities, which results in a slower computing experience. The same is true for poorly made security solutions.

Hot Cyber Security Weekly News Dear readers, today we offer you a selection of the five  hot news in the field of Cyber Security over the past week: Slider Revolution Plugin Critical Vulnerability Being Exploited; Microsoft, eBay apps open to man-in-the-middle MITM attacks; A previously unknown variant of the APT backdoor XSLCmd – OSX.XSLCmd; Hackers […]

Keyloggers are a dangerous form of a malware that hackers often use to get people’s data. You will want to know what keyloggers are so that you can avoid them. Surfing the Internet can be quite risky if you don’t understand all of the threats that you face. Keyloggers are one of the biggest cybersecurity […]

The viruses black business is raging again: keep your eyes open as two sophisticated threats paralyze computers worldwide. Kaspersky Lab specialists reported a range of unique Careto virus capabilities has been discovered – the neoteric spawn of evil infects computers regardless of an operating system installed. A Trojan by its very nature, Careto carries myriads […]

There are different kinds of cyber criminals. This article discusses 4 types that you should know about. The internet has truly opened so many doors for everyone. Now, people can do business with ease and communication is so much more convenient too. If you think about it, you can actually do almost anything via the […]

Cyber security has emerged as one of the major issues for businesses today owing to the ever growing nexus of hackers out there. Keeping the general scenario in view, it would not be wrong to claim that hackers are even able to steal around 45 millions in 2 days. The greater inter connectivity of devices […]

They keep getting more devious every year – and yet more subtle and creative. We’re talking about Malware Scams, and this article will round up the worse of the worst that surfaced this year. And you’ll be surprised to learn that most commonly, it’s you who unwittingly lets the devil into your computer. Yes, getting […]

Public Wi-Fi mobile hotspots are a hacker’s dream and a mobile user’s nightmare. The security tips listed below will help to keep your data safe while browsing online. 1. Choose Secure Networks  Most hotspots have no security or very weak at best. Some Wi-Fi providers do maintain a secure network. Always use networks that have […]