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Web Hoster Linode Again Hacked, Credit Cards and Passwords Leaked Interesting story revolves around a hosting provider Linode. On Friday, April 12 have changed the passwords of all users Linode Manager. In a statement, the company explained that found “suspicious activity” in the internal network, which is similar to the “deliberate attempt to gain access […]

On the Internet a lot of social services intended for communication and personal acquaintances. Sometimes users find their other half is in the vast global network. For this reason, Valentine’s Day is very popular with cybercriminals is coming is a good time to spread malicious content of unsuspecting users. “The popular holidays such as Valentine’s […]

Bitdefender Windows 8 Security – a complete solution for Internet security, designed specifically for Windows 8. Contains 4 features: early start protection, proactive scanner applications, faster scanning and safety information. Bitdefender Windows 8 Security – first complete antivirus solution for Internet security, specially designed for the new operating system Windows 8 from BitDefender (BitDefender – […]

Well-known security expert Android-apps Jon Oberheide of Duo Security two years ago broke the Android Market and shown how to distribute malicious code through updates to applications. After appearing in Google Play antivirus and emulator for testing new applications Android Bouncer he analyzed these tools and show how they can be avoided. Now colleagues of […]

Anonymous said that the banking user information is stored in an unencrypted form. According to the anonymous user on the web-site Full Disclosure, portal bank Santander maintains confidential financial information to users in plain text in a cookie. The independent expert learned that when you visit the various sections of the resource (which already […]

The level of sophistication in cybercrime and cyber terrorism has dramatically increased in the past five years, and so has the frequency of attacks against American targets. The attacks come from within the U.S. and from around the world. From the private sector such as credit card and healthcare companies to governmental agencies, and attacks […]

  Imagine, after years of hard work, careful planning and saving your dollars, you are denied the ability to purchase a home or office space because of identity theft. Unfortunately, many people around the world have felt the fear and embarrassment that comes after their financial representative politely tells them that their credit has been […]

New security tools from GFI: WebMonitor 2013 and EndPointSecurity 2013 The company GFI Software has announced the release of two new products to protect businesses against viruses, information leaks and potentially dangerous (or simply unnecessary for) web-pages. In particular, the package of GFI WebMonitor 2013 helps small and medium organizations to disseminate its policy on […]

Experts from the Israeli company Seculert, which is responsible for IT security, reported the discovery of an unusual virus, which in recent months has infected POS terminals in 40 countries. While infecting the virus, called on the line in some components of the virus, steals cardholder data passing through the affected terminal. According to experts, […]

Botnet or zombie network

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Glossary
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Botnet or zombie network – a network of computers infected with malware that allows an attacker to remotely manage other people’s machines without the knowledge of their owners. In recent years, botnets have become a stable source of income for cybercriminals. Consistently low costs and minimum knowledge needed to control the botnet, contribute to popularity, […]