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Malware is becoming an increasingly difficult issue to tackle for the Android operating system, but there are still ways that Android users can protect themselves. Many of the malware issues that are plaguing Android are fairly easy to detect and avoid, provided that you know what they are looking for. 1. Fake Utilities There are […]

Analysts on Information Security by company Intego discovered a new type of Trojan that infects Mac computers. The data presented indicate a relationship with the Syrian group of hackers Syrian Electronic Army, responsible for numerous attacks recently. The company Intego, engaged in release of antivirus software, said in a blog post about finding a hacker […]

F-Secure Mobile Security is a premium security suite for your smartphone or tablet. F-Secure Mobile Security provides complete security for smartphones and tablets Android from malicious applications and Internet threats: malicious and unwanted websites. The solution also guarantees the integrity of sensitive data in case of loss or theft of the device. The Parental Control […]

The new banking trojan for Android spread via SMS-phishing. The company’s specialists McAfee Labs discovered a new Trojan for the bank’s mobile operating system Android, identified by McAfee experts as Android / FakeBankDropper.A and Android / FakeBank.A. A malicious program that operates mainly in South Korea, the program replaces the legitimate mobile banking provides its […]

Trend Micro Rootkit Buster Beta 5.0 – a free tool to detect rootkits Trend Micro has announced a new version of the free product Rootkit Buster (Rootkit). C this easy-to-use, reliable and high-performance tool, you can detect rootkits – malicious applications carefully hide their tracks in the system. The main innovation presented in a new […]

In 2012, the Android platform is five times ahead of Windows on the number of created malicious software for it – this is one of the key findings of new studies prepared by analysts Trend Micro Marlow, United Kingdom, January 28, 2013. According to reports from Trend Micro, dedicated to the study of trends and […]

Explorers of the site BBC, referring to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, reported the discovery of the largest to date mobile botnet, which includes more than a million smart phones belonging to the Chinese people. Used for the rapid spread of ‘Trojan’ application that unnoticed for smartphones and tablets during the installation of new programs. […]

The company Comodo, a leading manufacturer of protective equipment, announces the availability of a new version of Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013. The proposed set of powerful antivirus and firewall, used in combination with a functional ‘sandbox’ and intrusion prevention, is able to effectively protect your computer from a variety of threats. The proposed product […]

According to researchers from security company Cloudmark, a functional botnet for Android-devices is extremely rare. According to experts in the information security of the company Cloudmark, they have discovered a new Trojan application that creates a botnet by infecting mobile devices based on Android. In this case, the main feature of the virus is that […]

The developers of the USB-AV Lab presented to the public a new product of the same name for the operating system Windows. Offers a free anti-virus, as you can tell from its name, will ensure the effective protection of users’ systems from various Internet threats posed by removable USB-drives. Experienced users know that the connection […]