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We all know the fact that hackers can get access to personal data by hacking computer, smartphone or tablet. Ang Cui and Jatin Kataria from Red Balloon Security concluded that monitor is also not as safe as it seems at first sight. “Do not trust the pixels on the screen”, said they and demonstrated how […]

Web surfing academy: staying on the safe side Internet is teeming with malware, viruses, and fraudulent schemes that pretty easily hook careless users. In this article we are focusing on the essential aspects of safe browsing – it’s a must-read for web surfing pioneers and a nice refresher for seasoned internet users.

Cell-phone, especially smart-phone, has become a vital part of our lives and we can’t seem to even start our day without it. The digital era that we live in today demands us to stay on the go and hence smart-phones have become an essential extension of our ‘self’. Where the worldwide sales and usage of […]

Security software should work well with your operating system, and it shouldn’t get in the way of your daily activities. Most browser hijackers aim to send you messages about shopping opportunities, which results in a slower computing experience. The same is true for poorly made security solutions.

Well, who doesn’t loves to access free software for their download purposes? Everyone surely wants to access these opportunities as and when available. Recently, there was an unscientific poll organized in the country where it was asked to multiple readers to acknowledge about their most wanted free information security accessing tools. And here are few […]

Five vulnerabilities in the content management system Joomla! These flaws allows a remote user to elevate privileges on the system by exploiting SQL injection. One of vulnerabilities in Joomla! allows an attacker to gain administrator rights. The developers of the popular content management system Joomla released a security update that fixes five vulnerabilities. One of […]

Three High severity vulnerabilities of the last week Three high severity vulnerabilities have been discovered in the last week: Execution of arbitrary code in Avast Antivirus, Compromise a system via Unpatched WinRAR and Compromise the system in vtiger. 1. Execution of arbitrary code in Avast Antivirus Danger: Critical The number of vulnerabilities: 1 Vector of […]

New Android Critical Vulnerabilities 1. CVE-2015-1538 Exploit for Android is Now Available for Testing Purposes This exploit has several caveats. First, it is not a generic exploit. Zimperium Team only tested it to work on a single device model. Zimperium Team tested this exploit on a Nexus running Android 4.0.4. Also, due to variances in […]

Are Microsoft actually taking security seriously this time around? Windows has had plenty of problems with hackers because it was (and still is) the most popular operating system on the planet–but times have changed. Windows is still viciously popular, and is still the most commonly used operating system for desktop devices, but hackers have different […]

Several new security vulnerabilities of varying severity has been found by security researchers Several new security vulnerabilities of varying severity has been found by security researchers: System compromise in Android (high severity vulnerability) Bypassing security restrictions on Apache Tomcat (middle severity vulnerability) Multiple vulnerabilities in CMS Drupal (low severity vulnerability) Compromising the system in Apple […]