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Vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader

The Adobe Systems company has released an update for Flash Player, Reader, Acrobat and Shockwave Player, designed to eliminate critical vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to gain remote control over the victim’s computer.

Flash Player update includes patches for four vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code. Updated versions of Flash Player for Windows ( new version 11.8.800.168), Mac OS X (11.8.800.168), Linux ( and Android (

Web browsers Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10, will receive the updates automatically.

Similar vulnerabilities have been fixed in a cross platform environment Adobe AIR, which is also equipped with Flash Player. A new version of AIR for Windows, Mac OS X and Android – (more…)

Adobe LogoThe developers released an update that closes a dangerous gap in three products of the company.

According to the developers of Adobe, January 8, 2013 was released a security update for the company’s products such as Flash, Reader and Acrobat. Specialists note that the removal of a critical vulnerability could cause the recent failures of computers.

“This update fixes vulnerabilities that could lead to a crash of the application, and allow an attacker to potentially gain administrative access to the target system,” – says the expert.

It should be noted that Adobe did not provide any details on the vulnerability, but the company recommends that users of operating systems Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android update Adobe Flash Player to the latest version. (more…)