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Adobe LogoTuesday Updates – Adobe Security Bulletins (December 9, 2014)

The security updates affect products such as Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe ColdFusion.

December 9 this year in the “Tuesday Updates” Adobe has released three security bulletins. They fix 27 vulnerabilities in products such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash Player and ColdFusion.

1. The first bulletin (ID: APSB14-27)fixes six vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player, one of which is critical. One of the flaws are being actively exploited by cybercriminals, in connection with which the company has assigned the highest priority update. (more…)

Vulnerabilities in Adobe ColdFusion

Vulnerabilities in Adobe ColdFusion

Vulnerabilities: Security Bypass, spoofing attack in Adobe ColdFusion

Danger: Average
The presence of fixes: Yes
The number of vulnerabilities: 2

CVE ID: CVE-2013-1387
Vector of operation: Remote
Impact: Security Bypass, spoofing attack

Affected Products: Adobe ColdFusion 10.с, Adobe ColdFusion 9.x (more…)