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HackersAccording to experts, cyber criminals target, at least 30 major U.S. banks.

Antivirus company McAfee researchers found that cybercriminals are preparing a number of large-scale attacks against the United States, which would be implemented in the spring of next year.

As it became known to the experts, the project named ‘Blitzkrieg’ should destabilize the system of U.S. online-banking.

As the hacker under ‘vorVzakone’ nickname reported, preparation for implementation of the project began in September of the current year. Then malefactors started uniting in the groups capable ‘to strike blow’ to the USA at any time.

According to the cybercriminal, in plans of hackers – attacks to 30 American banks at which carrying out malefactors intend to use the Trojan programs being more effective, than the Zeus or SpyEye tools.

Experts of McAfee established that hackers plan to use the modified virus Gozi Prinimalka developed on the basis of a trojan created in 2008 of Gozi. (more…)