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Android App Security5 Ways To Secure Your Next Android App

Android security has become a hot button issue among Android users and developers alike. While the Android platform does offer significantly more freedom when compared to iOS, BlackBerry and Microsoft operating systems, this freedom has a trade off; Android devices and applications have often been seen as far less secure than other options. For this reason, Android developers need to take special precautions when securing their applications. (more…)

Android HackedAbout 40 applications for the platform Android, which have been downloaded to 185 million times, contain vulnerabilities that allow access to sensitive user data, such as bank account, according to the publication Ars Technica, with reference to the report of German researchers.

“We could gather bank account information, payment credentials for PayPal, American Express and others,” – gives the publication the words of researchers from the Leibniz University of Hanover and the Philipps University of Marburg.

Vulnerability, allow access to the account via Facebook, email, cloud storage used by the owner Android-smartphone.

According to experts, can be exploited to capture data during the exchange of information using cryptographic protocols SSL and TLS between a smartphone based on Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich and the bank’s server, or online services. A number of security vulnerabilities are known and described in the Internet, the researchers note. (more…)