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SafeIPSafeIP – an easy to use application that allows you to save inkognito while traveling over the WAN.

With the proposed free tool you can couple of clicks on the button to change the ‘home country’ and select a new external IP-address for your computer. In addition, the product includes useful additional tools to block potentially dangerous sites and protection from annoying ads.

Immediately after starting the application SafeIP displays the current external IP-address of the computer and offers users to choose an alternate address that is registered in one of the five countries (USA, UK, Poland, Germany and France). Select a country by a single mouse click, and then a couple of seconds before your eyes will be the new IP-address. By the way, the application can be used not only to preserve anonymity. Thanks SafeIP you can come to the site and view a variety of content that is not available in your region.

Site Explorer SoftwareCrew argue that in most cases, the application works quite well. With SafeIP testers quickly gained the Polish ‘citizenship’ and when you visit sites browser to automatically select the appropriate language and display advertisements in Polish. We should also note that such masking has little negative effect on the speed of loading pages, but in most cases, these delays do not seem critical. (more…)

AnonymousAt the moment, one of the main defendants in the trial of the protesters ‘Operation Payback’ is a 22-year-old Christopher Weatherhead, which in the days of the Anonymous hacker attacks on PayPal studied at the University of Northampton. At the moment, the activist has denied any involvement in the crime.

Recall that the number of DDoS-attacks conducted participants Anonymous hacker movement in the period between 1 August 2010 and 22 January 2011. Activists were targeted for web-sites of companies MasterCard, Visa, and the portals of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry and the British Association of the Phonographic Industry, etc. Later attracted the attention of attackers payment system PayPal, which then refused to transfer a donation administration web-site Wikileaks.

Apart Weatherhead-accused are the three other young men, aged 18 to 27 years. Initially, they are all fully admitted their guilt. However, according to the Prosecutor Sandip Patel, one of them confessed to the attack on the portal of the supporters of anti-piracy later changed his mind and said that he wanted to ‘attack the artists.’

The expert also said that the incident was not just the music companies, but also suffered a ‘huge economic loss’ payment system PayPal. Loss of service, which was forced to purchase additional software for protection from DDoS-attacks, hire an expert in information security, and unable to function for several days, in the order of £ 3.5 million. (more…)

AnonymousAmerican company Imperva, which develops solutions for data protection, published its 17-page report on the study of a certain of hackers group Anonymous. We can not say that the report reveals the terrible conspiracy attacks, but, nevertheless, as a systematic picture of it is very convenient.

So, according to the report, Anonymous – this is not a group of hackers capable of in a few hours or days to hack any server and steal any information. Although there were precedents for the successful attack on such a reputable organization as StratFor and others, the success of an attack due more to carelessness resource managers, not any super engineering attacks. So the researchers believe that while Anonymous and have some specific techniques, however, the group prefers well-known techniques – first of all, this SQL-injection and DDOS-attack, and, Anonymous, usually first try to steal data, and then if it is not crowned with success, organize DDOS victim to the resource. (more…)