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Symantec CorpAnti-virus company Symantec warned about finding a new wave of programs for extortion, blackmail people and trying to extort money from them.

According to Symantec, the program blackmailer require a user to transfer money, otherwise threatened by removing all data from your computer.

In Symantec says the threat of the program are in fact fictitious and malicious code does not erase, but simply trying to cash in on the naive user. “This is another attempt to take advantage of human weakness cyberhawks in an unusual situation,” – wrote in a blog Symantec antivirus expert Jeet Morparia.

According to him, the program-extortionists – are one of the oldest classes of malicious programs on the market today. According to Symantec, the first examples of programs blackmailer appeared about seven years ago and since then, they periodically come up on the horizon, always finding their victims, who are willing to pay the criminals so that they did not remove the data from the user’s computer. (more…)