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Virus AlertThe principle of anti-virus software – detection and removal of malicious code using the full range of technologies. Antivirus technologies are developed in parallel with the evolution of malware are becoming more sophisticated as the complexity of threats.

The principles of the anti-virus programs can be classified in several ways. One type of classification is based on what the threat is neutralized – known or unknown virus analysts and security companies:

– Reactive protection – protection against known threats with knowledge of the parts of the code, and other unique features of existing malware. In order for such protection has worked successfully, antivirus software must be updated signature database;

– Proactive protection – protection from unknown threats based on knowledge of non-unique features code and behavior characteristic of destructive software. (more…)

FacebookFacebook is adding eight companies to the five it already has on board to provide users with anti-virus protection.

The largest social network Facebook expands section AV Marketplace, where users are offered to download anti-virus software, by adding seven more products development companies. In addition, users have the ability to download from the site of the social network anti-virus software for tablet computers and smartphones. This was reported in a dedicated information security blog Facebook.

Recall that there is a section AV Marketplace on Facebook in April 2012. Through this section, users can download the full version of the popular antivirus programs for free, but only for a limited period, after which he issued a paid subscription.

Currently AV Marketplace contains about 20 anti-virus programs for personal computers, Mac computers and mobile devices. In the mobile section until there are only two software solutions – McAfee Mobile Security and Norton Mobile Security Lite, designed for smartphones and tablets based on Android. (more…)

AvastA few days ago, an independent expert in the field of information security, Bohdan Alec said there was a mobile version of the popular anti-virus software avast! Mobile Security serious errors that could result in sending paid SMS-messages without notifying the user.

According to the blog entry, the error was detected during the testing of a new version of the application on your own phone. So, check the balance, he found nedosdachu at 12 euro cents. Later it turned out that the amount was deducted for sending messages to the number registered in the Czech Republic to the AVAST. And the room itself in the phone book was not a specialist. (more…)

McAfee logoMcAfee found a Trojan that disables antivirus software

The virus is able to deactivate the update modules of different software.

Experts from McAfee found malware that could simplify the way viruses attack, disable any anti-virus software on the system, as well as deactivating the update modules for different software.

According to the researchers, the worm spreads through the social network Facebook, as well as through a number of IM-clients, including ICQ, Skype, GTalk, Pidgin, MSN and YIM.

Attackers send messages to potential victims of alleged links to funny or interesting video. If the user will be held on the proposed web-site on his computer to automatically download and run malicious code. (more…)