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Anti-virus for MacUp to a certain point in its development computer world applications lived two parallel platforms – PowerPC, provided by Apple and its offspring – Mac OS and traditional to the general public with the Intel x86 dominated by the time Microsoft Windows. And, if the PowerPC platform viruses were most of the area of ​​exotic, the Intel x86 represented first DOS, and then Windows, very full of virus attacks. Since then, the prevalent opinion that the Mac OS is invulnerable to the effects of malware.

Subsequently, there was an event that can be considered the starting point of entry the Mac OS in a cohort of “virus-prone” operating systems – Mac OS has been ported to the platform Intel x86. Certainly, the transition Mac OS on Intel x86 platform helped to popularize the operating system to a wide range of users, for the PowerPC platform was rather “select”, in particular, because of its high cost of both hardware and software parts. (more…)