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Virus DetectedA good antivirus program is an integral part of any computer user’s security strategy.

If you’ve ever wondered how these programs detect malware on your computer, you’re not alone. Let’s look at the various ways that antivirus software keeps your computer safe from viruses, worms, spyware and more.

Background Scanning

Most antivirus programs run in the background on your computer, performing what is known as “on-access scanning”. Behind the scenes, the software is checking every file you open before allowing you to run it. This scanning isn’t limited to executable files: Archive files are checked for compressed viruses, and documents are checked for macros that can cause harm to your computer. (more…)

Best antivirus softwareMany people are concerned about what is the best antivirus? It is not easy to answer – because the market there are dozens of anti-virus solutions, and test each of them is difficult. Have to rely on the advice of others, but their tastes and requirements can vary greatly.

For one, the most important criterion is the best anti-virus performance, for another – easy to use, for the third – the price for the fourth – a beautiful or simply the familiar interface, etc.

What anti-virus monitor is best for you? By what criteria to choose the best antivirus?

Let’s try to answer. The best antivirus should meet a set of requirements:

– A high level of protection;
– Performance and low resource consumption;
– Constant updating of anti-virus database;
– Good compatibility with the OS and applications;
– The ability to manage new and complex threats;
– Easy installation;
– Clear the localized interface;
– High-quality technical support. (more…)