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Personal Security SoftwareSecurity software should work well with your operating system, and it shouldn’t get in the way of your daily activities.

Most browser hijackers aim to send you messages about shopping opportunities, which results in a slower computing experience. The same is true for poorly made security solutions. (more…)

AVG LOGOAVG Internet Security 2015 available with New Interface and Outbreak Detection Features

AVG Technologies has updated its line of products, including integrated anti-virus AVG Internet Security 2015. Developers have improved the basic anti-virus engine and its accuracy, added a new method of cloud detection Outbreak Detection

AVG has continued to deliver advanced anti-virus protection with the launch of a new version of an integrated antivirus AVG Internet Security 2015. (more…)

XoftSpy logoThe program XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro detects and removes viruses, spyware, and other malware that can lead to identity theft or unauthorized use of personal data.

Internet threats may lead to a different kind of problems for you and your computer. For example, some malicious programs make their way to the confidential information and can find credit card numbers, bank accounts, passwords, logins, etc. Other types of malware can use your PC to send spam or other illegal activities. Still others – lead to system instability, errors, blue screens, etc.

To avoid all this, the solution uses features such as a firewall, blocking dangerous sites, e-mail protection. In addition to this technology Active Protection blocks cyber attacks and annoying pop-up advertising program. In addition, XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro uses advanced scanning mechanisms, frequently updated database, improved search, etc. As a result, the user is in possession of a comprehensive information security system computer. (more…)

SpybotSafer Networking Company announced the release of the second technical update for Spybot 2.1 (SR2), the popular solutions to remove the malware. Spybot 2.1 SR2 – better performance, smoother installation. 

The program is presented in two versions: a free personal edition, concentrating on the protection against spyware and various commercial version offering enhanced virus protection as well as additional tools. Updating Spybot 2.1 SR2 contains no new features, but offers a number of improvements in terms of productivity.

So, Spybot 2.1 Service Release 2 includes some significant changes in response to customer feedback to adjust the default settings in the module online protection. These improvements allow enhanced performance of the component. (more…)

Symantec CorpNorton 360 Multi-Device from Symantec Corp. is a unified system of protection for computers running Windows and Mac OS X, as well as mobile devices based on Android and Apple iOS.

Norton 360 Multi-Device is the protection of any combination of devices Mac, PCs, smartphones and tablets Android. It is mobile tracking software for your lost or stolen mobile devices on the Android platform and restore their data.

The basis of the solutions offered by the company on five patented layers of protection against digital threats. Norton 360 Multi-Device contains: (more…)

comodo logoThe company Comodo, a leading manufacturer of protective equipment, announces the availability of a new version of Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013. The proposed set of powerful antivirus and firewall, used in combination with a functional ‘sandbox’ and intrusion prevention, is able to effectively protect your computer from a variety of threats.

The proposed product ensures reliable protection in real time from viruses, Trojans, spyware and other types of malicious applications, both existing and entirely new. Users who installed CIS 2013 on your computer, will be timely notified of suspicious activity programs installed, for example, that efforts were out to online. If the application is marked by Antivirus as suspicious, does not cause you concern, you can manually add it to the ‘white’ list.

Hosts PC offers four modes of scanning. In the ‘Quick Scan’ product Comodo Internet Security 2013 examines key areas of your system for viruses and other threats. Option ‘Full Scan’ is used to perform a complete check, which takes more time, but provides a more impressive results. If you intend to custom scan individual files and folders, use the option «Custom Scan». A regime «Rating Scan» will tap cloud reputation services to check critical files. (more…)

Windows 8Despite the efforts of Microsoft customize build mechanisms to counter cyber threats, to better protect the user needs antivirus.

Experts in the field of information security is not very optimistic about took the news the update of security mechanisms in the operating system Windows 8 from Microsoft.

Despite the appearance of the OS Product Windows SmartScreen and Windows Defender, which, together with the earlier protection mechanisms should provide comprehensive user safety, the researchers note that the efforts made Microsoft is not enough. So, Windows SmartScreen is a means of protecting your computer from running unknown applications and files downloaded from the web, and Windows Defender – complete integrated Antivirus previously known as Microsoft Security Essentials.

Both decisions, according to the developer, to fully protect the user from a variety of cyber attacks, as Microsoft Security Essentials does not just accept the best of anti-virus solutions. (more…)

VirusTotal ScannerMany users are familiar service, with which you can quickly check any files on the PC hard disk.

Just upload a suspicious object on the server, and it will be subjected to a thorough analysis using more than 40 anti-virus engines from leading manufacturers including GData, AVG, Avira, Kaspersky. In the proposed solution has its drawbacks. For example, according to many users, file transfer can take up too much time. Tool called VirusTotal Scanner solves this problem and allows you to avoid downloading the file itself.

The proposed product is extremely easy to use drag and drop the object you are interested in working in the application window. Then click “VirusTotal Scan” and within seconds your attention will be offered a standard report VirusTotal, which includes an overall assessment of the individual and the verdict each online Antivirus. (more…)

Sophos antivirusBritish anti-virus company Sophos today released a database update, which own a Sophos virus engine classifies as malware.

As a result of this unfortunate incident, many PC users antivirus Sophos received warnings that their system is infected code SSH / Updater-B, and many corporate IT administrators have received hundreds of reports that are subject to the corporate network activity of this malware. (more…)

AvastA few days ago, an independent expert in the field of information security, Bohdan Alec said there was a mobile version of the popular anti-virus software avast! Mobile Security serious errors that could result in sending paid SMS-messages without notifying the user.

According to the blog entry, the error was detected during the testing of a new version of the application on your own phone. So, check the balance, he found nedosdachu at 12 euro cents. Later it turned out that the amount was deducted for sending messages to the number registered in the Czech Republic to the AVAST. And the room itself in the phone book was not a specialist. (more…)