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Apple vulnerabilitiesMultiple Vulnerabilities in Apple OS X, Apple iOS, and Apple TV

Danger level: High
Availability fixes: Yes
Number of vulnerabilities: 7

CVE ID: CVE-2014-4451, CVE-2014-4452, CVE-2014-4453, CVE-2014-4458, CVE-2014-4459, CVE-2014-4462, CVE-2014-4463

Vector of operation: Remote
Impact: Disclosure of sensitive data, Security Bypass, system compromise

Affected Products: Apple Macintosh OS X, Apple iOS 8.x, Apple TV 7.x
Affected versions: Apple OS X versions up to 10.10.1, Apple iOS versions up to 8.1.1, Apple TV to version 7.0.2 (more…)