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IOS 7 logoDigital phone apps are the way of the world. Protecting your home is something everyone cares about. Find a list of apps here to help with home security.

With the release of the new iPhone and a new interface, the iOS7, many Apple users are enjoying their latest and greatest product. As Apple fans get used to the new interface, they may be considering what cool new apps they want to try or may even consider adding new features to their other Apple products. A home security app may be just the ticket to wow your friends and allow you to choose from a variety of a newer home security systems to keep your home safe from intruders.

1. iSentry

iSentry is a webcam security system for the Mac, and the best part is that it’s free. The app turns the camera built into your computer into a video surveillance system that will take regular picture or video shots on a pre-determined schedule, or when it detects motion. The app allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector and adjust the alarm, so it sends you an email when it goes off.