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Spear fishing

The company Trend Micro, presents the results of a new study of targeted attacks, the material for which was collected in the period from February to September of this year. According to the results, 91% of targeted attacks begin with sending messages ‘Spear fishing’.

These results confirm our earlier conclusion that targeted attacks often begin with ‘stuff’, such as e-mail messages designed to persuade the recipient to open a malicious file as an attachment or click on a link leading to a site with malware or exploits.

Spear fishing – a new type of phishing attack, a distinctive feature – the use of malicious information on the alleged victim to make the message more ‘individual’ and better disguise their intentions. For example, these may contain a reference to the addressee by name, position and title instead of the standard ‘de-identified’ titles like “Good day,” or “Dear Sirs.” (more…)